Sylvia (comic strip)

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Nicole Hollander Sylvia comics pages pledge.gif
Author(s) Nicole Hollander
Current status / schedule Daily
Launch date 1981
Syndicate(s) Tribune Media Services
Genre(s) Humor, feminism, satire
Preceded by Feminist Funnies

Sylvia was a comic strip by American cartoonist Nicole Hollander that offered commentary on political, social and cultural topics, and on cats, primarily in the voice of its title character, Sylvia. Distributed to newspapers nationally by Tribune Media Services, Sylvia appeared online at Hollander’s blog, Bad Girl Chats, but that domain now redirects to a commercial site. On March 26, 2012, Hollander announced "Sylvia's retirement from the newspaper business."[1]

Publication history[edit]

Sylvia began as a continuation of Hollander’s cartoons for a feminist magazine, The Spokeswoman, collected in Hollander's 1979 book of cartoons, I’m in Training to Be Tall and Blonde. The book's success led Tribune Media Services to distribute Sylvia to newspapers as a daily comic strip beginning in 1981.[1][2][3][4]

Hollander has published 19 Sylvia collections, including The Whole Enchilada (1982), Tales from the Planet Sylvia (1990), with an introduction by Barbara Ehrenreich, and The Sylvia Chronicles: 30 Years of Graphic Misbehavior from Reagan to Obama (2010), with an introduction by Jules Feiffer.


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