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Veritas Enterprise Vault
Developer(s) Veritas Technologies
Type Archiving
License Proprietary
Website [2]

Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) is an enterprise information archive platform developed by Veritas Technologies. It is part of the company's "Information Governance" suite.[1] Enterprise Vault has the ability to archive from various sources such as Microsoft Exchange (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003), SMTP (any), IBM Domino (latest release), Microsoft SharePoint and various File Systems (NTFS, Unix) with the ability to store on a multiple of storage platforms, such as NTFS, NetApp, Centera, SMB and WORM.[2] The data archived is indexed, classified, de-duplicated and securely stored.


Enterprise Vault was originally developed at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) by a group of developers who had previously been the engineering team for Digital's VMS based ALL-IN-1 office and messaging system. After DEC was acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation the Enterprise Vault team was terminated just after Version 1 of the product was shipped.

Technical Director Nigel Dutt acquired rights to the product using funding from venture capitalists and formed kVault Software Limited in late 1999 to sell and develop the software. The four years from 2000–2004 saw greatly improved sales and eventual acquisition by VERITAS Software in 2004.[3] Veritas was subsequently acquired by Symantec in 2005 for $13.5B. However, on February 1st 2016, Symantec completed its sale of Veritas to the Carlyle group for $7.4B and Enterprise Vault again reverted to being a Veritas product.

Enterprise Vault was originally part of Symantec's "Enterprise Messaging Management" group (created after Symantec acquired VERITAS in 2005[4]). Much of the original KVS Engineering team of Development and QA still work on Enterprise Vault, based in Reading (UK) and Pune (India).[citation needed]


  • Enterprise Vault 7.0 was released in Nov 30 2006.
  • Enterprise Vault 8.0 was released in Dec 2008.
  • Enterprise Vault 9.0 RTM was 13 August 2010. v9.0 added support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.
  • Enterprise Vault 9.0 SP1 RTM was 26 November 2010. v9.0 SP1 added support for Outlook 2010.
  • Enterprise Vault 9.0 SP2 RTM was 23 March 2011.
  • Enterprise Vault 9.0 SP3 RTM was 28 November 2011. v9.0 SP3 adding support for IPv6 and FIPS 140-2 Compliance.
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0 RTM was 15 July 2011. v10.0 added an enhanced and greatly scalable 64-bit indexing engine.
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0 SP1 RTM was March 28, 2012
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0 SP2 RTM was September 26, 2012
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0 SP3 RTM was January 18, 2013. Adding support for Microsoft Exchange 2013, Outlook 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8.
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0 SP4 RTM was July 12, 2013. Adding support for Domino 9 and Kerberos support for Mac client on Outlook 2011.
  • Enterprise Vault 11.0 RTM was 06 May 2014. Adding support for IMAP access to archived data, an enhanced EV Search capability (EVS), PST Migration Enhancements, and additional SCOM packs.
  • Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 RTM was 10 Dec 2014, with GA January 2015. Adding native SMTP archiving support, EVS Mobile search, and additional SCOM packs.
  • Enterprise Vault 12 RTM was released on Feb 1st 2016. Re branded as a Veritas release; Adding integrated classification, simplified Supervision, EVS enhancements, Export optimization & SQL Always on Support


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