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Symbel is an English Heathen Metal band created in 2001 by Sceot Acwealde (also Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom and Herne[1]) fusing lyrical elements of the English neopagan, anti-capitalist and esoteric anarchist circles with folkish and romanticist nationalist beliefs, drawing from the philosophies suggested in the Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse texts.


The debut CD was released in January 2003 by Angelisc Enterprises,[2] the label run by Forefather, now called Seven Kingdoms. Subsequent work has been released by King Penda Productions and Midhir Records.

  • 'Heathen Drinking Metal' 27 Mins 4 track Demos 2001 / 02
  • 'We Drink -Hymns and Counsel of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry' CD 2003 36 Mins
  • 'Wet English Forests' 10" vinyl 45rpm 2004 - rerelease of selected demo material.
  • 'Ale Whores of Mercia' CD May 2007 [3]
  • 'Gyddigg - Possessed by the Rage of Wod' CD 2013
  • 'Hammerwych' EP August 2014 [4]

King Penda Productions has made available these releases as digital downloads at Bandcamp[5]


  • Sceot Acwealde - vocals, all instruments.


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