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Dance Central
Dance Central boxart.png
Developer(s) Harmonix
Publisher(s) MTV Games
Director(s) Kasson Crooker
Producer(s) Naoko Takamoto
Designer(s) Dean Tate
Programmer(s) Marc Flury
Artist(s) Dare Matheson
Writer(s) Helen McWilliams
Series Dance Central
Platform(s) Xbox 360
  • NA: November 4, 2010
  • EU: November 10, 2010
  • AU: November 18, 2010
Genre(s) Music, rhythm
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Dance Central is a music rhythm game for the Xbox 360 that uses the Kinect motion peripheral. The game was developed by Harmonix, creators of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and is a launch title for Kinect. Dance Central 2 was announced at E3 2011 and later released in October 2011.[1] Dance Central 3 was announced at E3 2012 and was released in October 2012.


Gameplay involves the player performing given dance moves which are tracked by Kinect and represented on the screen by one of eight in-game avatars. The game features over 650 different dance moves spanning over 90 dance routines. But the new five characters are not available in this game, maybe in next time. There are five modes available:

  • Perform It: The regular single-player gameplay mode, in which the objective is to complete these dance routines to earn a high score.
  • Workout Mode: An extension to regular mode in which the number of calories burned are also tracked, along with the workout time.
  • Dance Battle: Two players compete in a head-to head dance routine battle. The person with the highest score is the winner. In the rare event there is a tie in the score, the player who passed more moves wins.
  • Challenge Mode: Once all songs (four or five) in each difficulty category have at least four stars on each one, a challenge based on the difficulty is unlocked. This mode increases the difficulty of the game by having portions of four or five songs combined into one, thus mixing up the dance moves. All challenges must be completed with four stars on each difficulty setting.
  • Break it Down: A practice mode that allows beginners to learn more advanced dance moves in a step-by-step process.[2]


On disc[edit]

The following 31 songs are included on the game disc.[3][4] Warm up challenge songs are highlighted red, Simple challenge songs are highlighted orange, Moderate challenge songs are highlighted yellow, Tough challenge songs are highlighted green, Legit challenge songs are highlighted blue, Hardcore challenge songs are highlighted purple, and Off the Hook challenge songs are highlighted pink. All songs in the grand finale challenge led by ELIOT are highlighted pink.

Song title Artist Year Choreographer Rating Difficulty (Out of 7) DC or DC3 Character DC2 Character DC3 Venue Crew
"Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)" Beastie Boys 1998 Marcos Aguirre Off The Hook 7 Oblio Bodie Toprock Avenue Lu$h Crew
"Brick House" The Commodores 1977 Ricardo Foster Off The Hook 7 Maccoy Glitch Free Skate Riptide
"Bust a Move" Young MC 1989 Devin Woolridge Hardcore 6 Mo Mo Toprock Avenue Riptide
"C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)" Quad City DJ's 1996 Chanel Thompson Simple 2 Dare Lil' T Invite Only Hi - Def
"Can't Get You Out of My Head" Kylie Minogue 2001 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 Miss Aubrey Miss Aubrey Studio 675 Hi - Def
"Crank That (Soulja Boy)" Soulja Boy Tell 'Em 2007 Devin Woolridge Moderate 3 Mo Mo Toprock Avenue Flash4wrd
"Days Go By" Dirty Vegas 2001 Ricardo Foster Hardcore 6 Maccoy Glitch Studio 675 DCI
"Dip It Low" Christina Milian 2004 Frenchy Hernandez Tough 4 Taye Taye Studio 675 Hi - Def
"Don't Sweat the Technique" Eric B. & Rakim 1992 Devin Woolridge Off The Hook 7 Maccoy Glitch Studio 675 The Glitterati
"Down" Jay Sean 2009 Marcos Aguirre Moderate 3 Angel Angel Studio 675 Ninja Crew
"Drop It Like It's Hot" Snoop Dogg Ft. Pharrell Williams 2004 Frenchy Hernandez Off The Hook 7 Taye Taye Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" Cascada Ft. Carlprit 2009 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 4 Emilia Emilia Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" Craig Mack ft. Notorious B.I.G, LL Cool J, Rampage and Busta Rhymes 1994 Frenchy Hernandez Legit 5 Taye Taye Invite Only M.O.C.
"Funkytown" Lipps Inc 1980 Marcos Aguirre Simple 2 Miss Aubrey Miss Aubrey Free Skate Riptide
"Galang" M.I.A. 2003 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 Dare Lil' T Studio 675 Riptide
"Hella Good" No Doubt 2002 Marcos Aguirre Tough 4 Oblio Bodie Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Hey Mami" FannyPack 2003 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 Miss Aubrey Miss Aubrey Toprock Avenue Riptide
"I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" Pitbull 2009 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 Angel Angel DCI HQ M.O.C.
"Jungle Boogie" Kool & the Gang 1973 Ricardo Foster Moderate 3 Maccoy Glitch Free Skate Riptide
"Just Dance" Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donis 2008 Marcos Aguirre Off The Hook 7 Dare Lil' T Crow's Nest Riptide
"King of the Dancehall" Beenie Man 2004 Marcos Aguirre Tough 4 Angel Angel Crow's Nest M.O.C.
"Maneater" Nelly Furtado 2006 Frenchy Hernandez Legit 5 Emilia Emilia Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Muzyki Moc (pl)" VIVA I Przyjaciele 2010 Frenchy Hernandez Legit 5 Emilia Emilia Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Move Ya Body" Nina Sky 2004 Frenchy Hernandez Tough 4 Emilia Emilia Studio 675 Riptide
"Poison" Bell Biv DeVoe 1990 Devin Woolridge Legit 5 Angel Angel Invite Only Riptide
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga 2008 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 Mo Mo Studio 675 Riptide
"Pon de Replay" Rihanna 2005 Frenchy Hernandez Moderate 3 Emilia Emilia Studio 675 M.O.C.
"Pump Up the Jam" Technotronic 1989 Marcos Aguirre Hardcore 6 Dare Lil' T Toprock Avenue M.O.C.
"Push It" Salt-n-Pepa 1987 Frenchy Hernandez Legit 5 Taye Taye Toprock Avenue Riptide
"Rendez-Vu" Basement Jaxx 1999 Frenchy Hernandez Tough 4 Miss Aubrey Miss Aubrey Invite Only M.O.C.
"Rump Shaker" Wreckx-n-Effect 1992 Marcos Aguirre Moderate 3 Oblio Bodie Invite Only Riptide
"Satisfaction" Benny Benassi 2002 Marcos Aguirre Hardcore 6 Oblio Bodie Studio 675 Riptide
"Teach Me How To Jerk" Audio Push 2006 Devin Woolridge Legit 5 Mo Mo Studio 675 M.O.C.

Downloadable content[edit]

The following songs have been released as downloadable content via the Xbox Live Marketplace. These songs also deliver new routines. There are 32 DLC songs available for Dance Central, and all songs are forwards compatible with Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3.

Song Title Artist Decade Choreographer Rating Difficulty (Out of 7) Release Date Character Dance Pack Marathon Pack DC3 Venue
"Because of You" Ne-Yo 2007 Marcos Aguirre Hardcore 6 November 4, 2010 Mo 3 1 Invite Only
"I Got You Dancing" Lady Sovereign 2009 Marcos Aguirre Off The Hook 7 November 4, 2010 Dare 1 1 Crow's Nest
"Temperature" Sean Paul 2006 Marcos Aguirre Moderate 3 November 4, 2010 Angel 3 Studio 675
"Whoomp! (There It Is)" Tag Team 1993 Chanel Thompson Legit 5 November 23, 2010 Dare 3 1 Invite Only
"I Gotta Feeling" The Black Eyed Peas 2009 Devin Woolridge Moderate 3 November 23, 2010 Emilia 1 Studio 675
"Word Up" Cameo 1986 Ricardo Foster Tough 4 November 23, 2010 Maccoy 3 1 Free Skate
"Control"a Janet Jackson 1986 Chanel Thompson Hardcore 6 November 4, 2010 Taye 2 1 Toprock Avenue
"Girls and Boys" Blur 1994 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 December 21, 2010 Oblio 4 1 Crow's Nest
"Disturbia" Rihanna 2008 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 December 21, 2010 Miss Aubrey 2 1 Studio 675
"We Run This" Missy Elliott 2005 Marcos Aguirre Hardcore 6 February 15, 2011 Emilia 1 Studio 675
"Le Freak" Chic 1978 Chanel Thompson Simple 2 February 15, 2011 Dare 4 Free Skate
"Super Freak" Rick James 1981 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 February 15, 2011 Miss Aubrey 4 1 Free Skate
"Heard 'Em All" Amerie 2009 Marcos Aguirre Legit 5 February 15, 2011 Taye 1 1 Studio 675
"Weapon of Choice" Fatboy Slim 2001 Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 March 15, 2011 Oblio 4 1 Studio 675
"Hollaback Girl" Gwen Stefani 2004 Chanel Thompson Hardcore 6 March 15, 2011 Taye 2 1 Toprock Avenue
"Straight Up" Paula Abdul 1988 Marcos Aguirre Legit 5 March 15, 2011 Miss Aubrey 2 1 Toprock Avenue
"Turnin Me On" Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne 2008 Frenchy Hernandez Off The Hook 7 March 15, 2011 Emilia 1 1 Studio 675
"W Aucie" Sokół ft. Pono & Franek & Kimono 2008 Marcos Aguirre Moderate 6 April 19, 2011 Taye 5 2 Toprock Avenue
"Lean wit It, Rock wit It" Dem Franchize Boyz 2006 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 April 19, 2011 Emilia 5 2 DCI HQ
"D.A.N.C.E." Justice 2007 Chanel Thompson Moderate 3 April 19, 2011 Maccoy 7 2 DCI HQ
"Fergalicious" Fergie ft. 2006 Chanel Thompson Hardcore 6 May 17, 2011 Emilia 6 2 Studio 675
"Informer" Snow 1993 Ricardo Foster Simple 2 May 17, 2011 Maccoy 7 2 Invite Only
"Lapdance" N.E.R.D. 2001 Devin Woolridge Tough 4 May 17, 2011 Oblio 5 2 DCI HQ
"Say Aah" Trey Songz 2010 Ricardo Foster Simple 2 July 19, 2011 Oblio 7 2 Studio 675
"Break Your Heart" Taio Cruz Ft. Ludacris 2010 Chanel Thompson Moderate 3 July 19, 2011 Dare 6 2 Studio 675
"Planet Rock" Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force 1982 Devin Woolridge Hardcore 6 July 19, 2011 Mo 7 Toprock Avenue
"Get Up" James Brown 1970 Ricardo Foster Moderate 3 August 16, 2011 Maccoy 6 2 Free Skate
"Get Busy" Sean Paul 2003 Frenchy Hernandez Tough 4 August 16, 2011 Taye 7 2 Toprock Avenue
"Get It Shawty" Lloyd 2007 Marcos Aguirre Moderate 3 August 16, 2011 Angel 6 2 Toprock Avenue
"Don't Cha" The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes 2005 Frenchy Hernandez Simple 2 September 20, 2011 Miss Aubrey 6 2 Studio 675
"Tempted to Touch" Rupee 2004 Devin Woolridge Simple 2 September 20, 2011 Angel 7 2 Studio 675
"The Way I Are" Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. & Sebastian 2007 Nick DeMoura Off The Hook 7 September 20, 2011 Mo 6 2 DCI HQ

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Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 83.22%[5]
Metacritic 82/100[6]
Review scores
Publication Score A-[7]
Eurogamer 8/10[8]
GamePro 4.5/5[9]
GameSpot 8.5/10[10]
GamesRadar 8/10[11]
GameTrailers 8.1/10[12]
Giant Bomb 4/5 stars[13]
IGN 8/10[14]

Critical reception[edit]

Dance Central received positive reviews from critics. It received a score of 83.22% on GameRankings[5] and 82/100 on Metacritic.[6] It received a rating of 8/10 from IGN and a rating of 8.5/10 from GameSpot.[10][14] Video game talk show Good Game: Spawn Point gave the game an 8 out of 10 calling it the best launch game for the Kinect and a step forward for dance games. They said workout mode was a nice addition which will definitely give you a workout and the Dance Battles would be a big hit at parties.[15] Nintendo of America's President, in an interview, said that "Dance Central is, by far, the best Kinect game".[16]


As of August 16, 2016, the game has sold 3.18 million copies worldwide.[17]


As in the 1st Dance Central, there are two types of Demo: Downloadable via Xbox Live and In game demo in the Kinect Adventures!. Both demos have Emilia and Mo as the default characters & 5th Period as the only stage in game. The demo differs from each other and have different songs.

Kinect Adventures! version:

Song title Artist Decade Choreographer Rating Difficulty (Out of 7) Character
"Poison" Bell Biv DeVoe 1990s Devin Woolridge Legit 5 Mo
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga 2000s Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 Emilia

Xbox Live Demo version:

Song title Artist Decade Choreographer Rating Difficulty (Out of 7) Character
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" Cascada Ft. Carlprit 2000s Marcos Aguirre Warmup 4 Emilia
"I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" Pitbull 2000s Marcos Aguirre Warmup 1 Mo
"Poison" Bell Biv DeVoe 1990s Devin Woolridge Legit 5 Mo


During Microsoft's press conference at E3 2011, Harmonix announced Dance Central 2. Features new to the sequel include voice integration, a campaign mode, an improved "Break it Down" mode, and two-player simultaneous dancing.[18] Similar to Rock Band 3, Dance Central 2 will be able to import on-disc songs from the original Dance Central as well as any downloaded songs. Harmonix stated that more than 100 songs will be available by the launch of Dance Central 2.[19]


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