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Symbiose logo
Symbiose (web desktop), version 1.0 beta 4.png
Symbiose, version 1.0 alpha 4 running on Firefox
Developer(s) The Symbiose contributors
Preview release
1.0 beta 4 / October 17, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-10-17)
Development status No Longer Maintained or Active
Available in 4 languages
Type Web application
License MIT License

Symbiose is a web desktop and web integrated development environment.

Symbiose replicates the desktop environment of a modern operating system on a webpage, using JavaScript to communicate with the remote server. This allows users to save the current desktop state to return to later, much like the hibernation feature in many true operating systems,[1] or integrate their Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP files in the web desktop.[2]

The software is in beta stage.[3]


  • Apps:
  • Calculator
  • Brackets code editor
  • Basic text editor (gedit)
  • File manager with copy-paste, drag'n'drop, file sharing, searching
  • Google Docs to display and edit documents
  • Basic multimedia player
  • Music player (based on GNOME Music)
  • Basic web browser
  • Terminal (with a basic interpreter)
  • Basic word processor
  • Image viewer, archive manager, software centre
  • Customizable: themes, background and more
  • Multiple interfaces: GNOME Shell, GNOME Panel (GNOME 2), Windows 7-like, mobile, CLI, Elementary OS
  • Easy configuration with a System settings app and simple config files
  • FTP, Dropbox and Google Drive integration
  • LDAP authentication support
  • Firefox Marketplace apps integration
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • WebSocket support[4]

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