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Established 1985
Director Mr. Lalit Kathpalia
Location IndiaPune, Maharashtra, India
Campus Atur Centre, Model Colony, Pune
Affiliations Symbiosis International University

Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) is an educational institute located in Pune, India. It offers postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in the fields of computer and information technology and is part of the Symbiosis Society. It was established in 1985. In 2002, SICSR became a constituent of Symbiosis International University (SIU) as a deemed university.It also has its own wiki for students to refer and contribute on a common platform.

Academic programmes[edit]

SICSR offers doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate programmes:

Doctoral Programmes[edit]

  • Ph.D, Doctoral programme under SIU in computer science and information technology.[1]

Post-graduate Programmes[edit]

Under-graduate Programmes[edit]

Student activities[edit]


SICSR has the tradition of encouraging its students to various philanthropic activities. It has the list of students who contribute to such noble activities and then they are awarded at the end of each year. Real Neo and Petal made it to the top of the list for 3 consecutive years.


SICSR hosts the open-source gathering GNUnify (a play on the words GNU and Unify), organized by the Pune Linux Users Group and generally held during the second week of February. GNUnify has featured eminent speakers like Richard Stallman,[2] Brian Behlendorf, David Axmark,[3] Danese Cooper,[4] Robert Adkins, Alolita Sharma, Prof. Tony Wasserman, Prof. Louis Pott, Niyam Bhushan, Sankarshan, Zaheda Bohrat and Anant Narayanan.[5]


Software Development and Research Centre (SDRC) is a student-driven activity in SICSR where students voluntarily develop, implement and maintain software for internal use in SICSR as well as in other Symbiosis institutes. SDRC also supports all kind of IT infrastructure maintenance and upgrade activities in the college.


Unify is the annual cultural fest of SICSR, held every year in the month of February. During the fest days,the college plays host to competitions like rock band, gaming, singing,dancing, fashion show, paint balls, treasure hunts, bharati dance, paintings, quiz and so many more.


This wiki was officially inaugurated on December 13, 2010 at Symbiosis International University by Erik Moeller, deputy director, Wikimedia Foundation; Danese Cooper, CTO, Wikimedia Foundation; and Alolita Sharma, engineering programs manager, Wikimedia Foundation.

SICSRWiki is an initiative taken by SICSR students where students from all courses come forward to share their knowledge on this common platform. Students contribute articles on technical and non-technical topics. They also share day-to-day experiences in implementing the knowledge that they gain, like sharing knowledge about Moodle, How to set up Drupal on a MAC, etc.


Arsh is a student driven Entrepreneurship Cell on campus of SICSR under National Entrepreneurship Network, consisting of a well-organized core committee and carrying out entrepreneurship related activities all around the year. The motto of Arsh is 'Our rise to the sky'

In the beginning of every year the Arsh team has been organizing entrepreneurship week driving immense participation by students.

E-Week 2009 : Haritima

E-Week 2010 : Manthan

E-Week 2011 : Vichintya

E-Week 2012 : Chrysalis

E-Week 2013 :Chrysalis 2013 (INNOVATING FOR INDIA)

Sharing Care[edit]

Sharing Care is a student driven program where the students of SICSR go to various places and do various social work.Programs like visiting Orphanage home,creating social awareness etc.

SICSR and the FOSS movement[edit]

SICSR has been one of the local pioneers in the Open source movement by taking various initiatives such as introducing PHP, MySQL and Linux Programming in its course syllabi since 2004—which was unheard of in the education scenario in Maharashtra at that time and providing labs equipped with OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.

Beginning with GNUnify since 2003, SICSR has been put on the FOSS map. Along with Pune Linux User Group, SICSR has been organizing Linux Awareness Program since 2004 for promoting training people in FOSS especially Linux and offers certification from SIU.[6]

The institute is a popular meeting place for the likes of Pune Linux User Group and IndicThreads.[7] It has also hosted Barcamp Pune [8] and DrupalCamp.[9] SICSR also hosted Mozilla Carnival 2012[10] to celebrate the success party of Mozilla Summer Code party 2012.

Prof. Harshad Gune, a permanent faculty in SICSR, is a Board member of the Open Source Initiative.[11]

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