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Directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto
Written by Hitoshi Matsumoto
Starring Hitoshi Matsumoto
Release date
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Symbol (しんぼる, Shinboru) is a 2009 Japanese film directed by and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto.[1] It was nominated for the Asian Film Awards in the categories of Best Actor and Best Visual Effects. It has not received a U.S. release.

The film was greeted negatively by Japanese audiences; however, it received a surprisingly warmer reaction in the West, despite not being commercialized outside Japan.


The film contains two major story lines. The first takes place in Mexico and centers around a masked wrestler called Escargot Man and his family as they prepare for a match that night. His family worries for him since the luchador is growing older and his slated opponent is stronger and younger than him. Nevertheless, his son and father are excited to see the match. These portions of the film are realistic, with dialogue in Spanish.

In the second, more surreal storyline, a Japanese man wakes up in an empty white room with no apparent ceiling from which he struggles to escape. The two story lines eventually indirectly converge.


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