Badge of Tokelau

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Badge of Tokelau
Badge of the General Fono of Tokelau

The national badge of Tokelau depicts a tuluma, which is a traditional Tokelauan carved wooden “tackle box” used by local fishermen. A white cross in the centre of the tuluma and the inscription below Tokelau mo te Atua ("Tokelau for God") reflects the strong emphasis of Christianity in Tokelau.[1]

A similar design is used for the badge of the General Fono of Tokelau. The same box is used, but adds a crown above.[2]


Tokelau's territorial parliament, the General Fono, approved a design for a national emblem in May 2008. Prior to 2008, the coat of arms of New Zealand and the flag of New Zealand were used.

A new flag was also adopted at the same time.


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