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Developer(s) Nostdal
Operating system Linux
Platform Clojure
Type Web application framework
License Affero General Public License

SymbolicWeb is a GUI, widget or server-centric framework for developing web applications. It is written in Clojure. SymbolicWeb is free software[1] licensed under the AGPLv3.

It uses portable browser technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and Comet, and wraps these in widgets. These widgets are instantiated and stored on the server end, then presented and updated in real-time on the client end as their state changes. Paradigms like Model-View-Controller (MVC) and dataflow programming are used. While being widget based, SymbolicWeb does not hide or restrict access to low-level details such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

SymbolicWeb allows for two way real-time communication between server and client. Updates or changes can propagate from the server to the client at any time (Comet), while AJAX is used to send messages or events the other way around.

It does not use or depend on browser plug-ins such as Flash or Java Applets for rendering or transportation of data and messages. Netty is used to deal with HTTP on the server end, while jQuery is used on the client end to deal with AJAX, Comet and general browser differences.

SymbolicWeb was awarded a stipend by the Google Summer of Code program in 2008 via the LispNYC organization.[2]


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