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Symbology concerns the study of symbols.

Symbology may also refer to:

Social sciences[edit]

  • Semiotics, study of signs and symbols
  • Iconography, branch of art history which studies images
  • Symbolic system, used in the field of anthropology, sociology, and psychology to refer to a system of interconnected symbolic meanings
  • Symbolic anthropology, diverse set of approaches within cultural anthropology that view culture as a symbolic system that arises primarily from human interpretations of the world
  • Symbolism (disambiguation), use of symbols to represent ideas and emotions



  • Symbol (programming)
  • Cartography and GIS, the set of conventions, rules, or encoding systems that define how geographic features are represented with symbols on a map.
  • Military symbology, APP-6A, Military Symbols for Land Based Systems, NATO standardization agreement
  • Engineering, Use of symbols to denote equipment, services, pipelines, boundaries and features.
  • Barcode, optical machine-readable representation of data
  • Symbology (avionics), visual cues displayed to a pilot regarding position, orientation, flight path, fuel state, other aircraft etc., and in military avionics additional friend/foe symbols, targeting system cues, weapon sights etc.