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The National symbols of Albania are the symbols that are used in Albania to represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of its culture and history. They may also be used in the Republic of Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece (Chameria), and Serbia (Preševo Valley), and by the Arbëreshë in Italy.

Official symbols[edit]

Symbol Media Remarks
Flag of Albania
Flag of Albania.svg
The states flag bears the lesser coat of arms. Readopted on 7 April 1992 .
National colours
Red and black
Civil Ensign of Albania.svg
Red and black first used by the League of Lezhë (1444–1479).
Coat of arms
Coat of arms of Albania
Albanian Coat of Arms
Adopted by Albanian Parliament in 1992.
National anthem
Himni i Flamurit
"Himni i Flamurit" was the anthem of the all Albanian states since 1912, composer Romanian Ciprian Porumbescu. Original title "Pe-al nostru steag e scris Unire". Lyrics translated in Albanian by Romanian of Albanian origin poet Victor Eftimiu

Unofficial symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Remarks
National motto
"You, Albania, give me honor, give me the name Albanian"
Floral emblem
Red Poppy
Papaver rhoeas
Red Poppy
National tree
Olea europaea
National instrument
National hat
National footwear

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