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Bohol locator map

Bohol is an island in the Philippines. The inhabitants there use a variety of different symbols to identify themselves.

Provincial hymn[edit]

The "Awit sa Bohol", or "Bohol Hymn" is the official hymn of the province of Bohol. The lyrics and music were written by Justino Romea,[1] and arranged by Maxelende Ganade. The original lyrics are in English, but a translated Boholano version also exists. The Cebuano translation is credited to Ganade.[1] During every program, or gathering, the Boholanos sing the Bohol Hymn after the Philippine National Anthem.[citation needed]

It has been said that it is "No wonder...the province even has its own provincial anthem".[1]

Bohol flag[edit]

Flag of Bohol Province, Philippines.svg

The official flag of the province of Bohol also has symbolism. The blue symbolises nobility, the white purity, and the red courage. The bolos are there to commemorate the Tamblot and Dagohoy rebellions. The two arms in the center stand for the Blood Compact between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel López de Legazpi. Behind are the Chocolate Hills. The star commemorates Carlos P. Garcia.[1]

Provincial bird[edit]

The provincial bird is the Black-naped Oriole, (Oriolus chinensis), known as antolihaw or dimodlaw.[1]

Provincial tree[edit]

The molave (Vitex parviflora) is the provincial tree.[1]

Provincial fruit[edit]

The provincial fruit is the Bohol mangga, or mango, (Mangifera indica Linnaeus).[1]

Provincial plant[edit]

The ubi kinampay is a root vegetable which is utilised as the provincial plant; the annual Ubi Festival is celebrated in January.[1]

Provincial flower[edit]

The white gumamela (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) is the provincial flower.[1]

Provincial hero[edit]

The provincial hero is Francisco Sendrijas, known popularly as 'Francisco Dagohoy' or 'Dagohoy'. He led the Dagohoy Rebellion.[1]

Provincial dance[edit]

The provincial dance is the Kuratsa Boholana.[1]


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