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The following is a list of symbols of Bohol province, Philippines.

Provincial symbols[edit]

Type Symbol Image Notes
Hymn "Bohol Hymn"
"Awit sa Bohol"
N/A The hymn was originally composed and written in English by Justino R. Romea. A Cebuano version of the hymn exists entitled "Awit sa Bohol" which was translated by Maxelende Ganade.[1]
Flag Provincial Flag of Bohol Flag of Bohol Province, Philippines.svg
Bird Black-naped oriole
Oriolus chinensis
Oriolus chinensis01.jpg Locally known as the Antolihaw or Dimodlaw[1]
Tree Molave[1]
Vitex parviflora
Fruit Bohol Mango
Mangifera indica[1]
Plant Ubi kinampay
Dioscorea alata
Starr 061106-1435 Dioscorea alata.jpg Featured in the Ubi Festival which is held in January annually.[1]
Flower White gumamela
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

White Hibiscus at Kolkata.jpg

The flower represents the innocenece and naturalness of the residents of Bohol. Hospitality is represented by the flower's long bowing styles. The tender structure with pollens symbolizes the residents' simple preferences and modest necessities. The petals, which have a greenish hue and are closely knitted, symbolize the loyalty and constancy of the residents of Bohol in both good and bad times.[1]
Hero Francisco Dagohoy[1] Also known as Francisco Sendrijas, the individual led one of the most longest revolts during the Spanish colonization period, the Dagohoy Rebellion.
Dance Kuratsa Boholana[1]


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