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There are a number of national symbols of Moldova, representing Moldova or its people in either official or unofficial capacities.

List of national symbols[edit]

Official symbols[edit]

Type Image Symbol
National flag Flag of Moldova.svg The State Flag of the Republic of Moldova
(Romanian: Drapelul de Stat al Republicii Moldova) is a rectangular cloth, equally vertically tripartite, starting from the flag pole in blue, yellow and red, similar to the flag of Romania. The difference is the State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova disposed in the midst of the yellow field, constituting 1/5 the length of the flag.[1]
National coat of arms Coat of arms of Moldova.svg The State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova
(Romanian: Stema de Stat a Republicii Moldova) is a horizontally divided shield having in the upper part red chromatics, in the lower part – blue, loaded with the head of aurochs having between its horns a star with eight rays. The head of aurochs is flanked on the right by a five-petalled rose, and on the left by a crescent. The aurochs is also present on the coat of arms of Romania. All the elements present on the shield are of golden. The shield is placed on the breast of a natural eagle holding in its beak a golden cross and taking in the right claw a green olive branch, and in the left claw a golden scepter.[2]
National anthem
Our language

Limba noastră
It was written by Alexei Mateevici in 1917, one year before the union of Bessarabia with Romania. The music for the anthem was composed by Alexandru Cristea. Between 1917–18 and 1991–94, the national anthem of Moldova was Deșteaptă-te, române!, which is also the national anthem of Romania.
National holiday Gheorghe Ghimpu arboreaza Tricolorul.jpg Independence Day
It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on 27 August 1991.[3] The act of independence was officially recognized on March 2, 1992, when Moldova gained membership of the United Nations. Being a public holiday most people and employees, also most retail businesses and public institutions are closed on this day.

Unofficial symbols[edit]

Type Image Symbol
National flower Ocimum basilicum 05 ies.jpg The basil
Wild rose flower.jpg The dog-rose
National tree Quercus robur - alone tree.jpg The oak
Flower 123 (13630708193).jpg The sour cherry
20130731Walnuss Speyer.jpg The walnut
National animal emblem Long horned european wild ox.jpg The aurochs
Schafe auf der weide in rittschein.JPG The sheep
National bird Ciconia ciconia -Mscichy, Grajewo County, Poland-8.jpg The white stork
National river Dniester in Moldova.jpg The Dniester
Probij-4.JPG The Prut
It forms the western border of Moldova with Romania.
National holiday Martisor snowdrop.jpg The Mărțișor
begins on 1 March and lasts 10 days, symbolizing the coming of spring.
Ostereier.JPG Paștele Blajinilor
is celebrated the Monday after Thomas Sunday.
Hora in Romania postcard.jpg Hora
National monument Statue of Stefan Cel Mare, Chisinau, Moldova (7992602549).jpg Monument to Stephen the Great and Holy in Chișinău


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