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Flag of Ontario.svg

Ontario is one of Canada's provinces, and has established several provincial symbols.[1]

Official symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of Ontario Coat of Arms of Ontario 1868 and 1909 [1] Originally granted by Queen Victoria on May 26, 1868 and amended by King Edward VII[1]
Motto Ut incepit fidelis sic permanet
Loyal she began, loyal she remains
Loyal she began, thus she remains
1909 [1] Granted with other elements of the coat of arms
Flag Flag of Ontario
Flag of Ontario
May 21, 1965[1]
The Great Seal The Great Seal of the Province of Ontario
Great Seal of Ontario
January 1, 1870 [1] The Great Seal was authorized by an Order-in-Council.
Bird Common loon
Gavia immer
Common loon
June 23, 1994[1]
Tree Eastern white pine
Pinus strobus
Eastern white pine
May 1, 1984[1]
Gemstone Amethyst
1975 [1] Amethyst can be found in the areas surrounding Bancroft, North Bay and Thunder Bay.
Flower White trillium
Trillium grandiflorum
White trillium
1937[1] Very popular as a vehicle licence plate decoration.
Tartan Red and white with three shades of green and two shades of blue June 23, 2000 [1] Symbolizing the forests and fields and water.
Flag The Franco-Ontarian Flag
The Franco-Ontarian Flag
June 29, 2001 [1] Recognized under provincial law as the emblem of the French-speaking community in Ontario.
Logo Provincial wordmark
Ontario Wordmark 2007.svg 2007 Current wordmark of the Government of Ontario
Logo Provincial wordmark late
Ontario-wordmark.svg Late-1960s The previous wordmark of the Government of Ontario.
Provincial Brand Trillium 2006 Replaced an earlier Trillium brand introduced in 1964 [2]
Provincial Licence plate slogan Yours to Discover 1982 Replaced earlier slogan Keep it Beautiful c.1973; Tant a decouvrir was added in 2003
Provincial colours Green and gold[3][4]


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