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Flag of Queensland.svg

Queensland is one of Australia's states, and has established several state symbols.[1]

Official symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Flag Flag of Queensland
Flag of Queensland
1876 It consists of the blue ensign with the Union Flag in the corner and the State Badge. The current design came into use in 1953, when the crown on the badge was changed to St Edward's Crown.
Flag Standard of the Governor of Queensland
Standard of the Governor of Queensland
Badge State Badge of Queensland
State Badge of Queensland
29 November 1876
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Queensland
Coat of Arms of Queensland
1893 It is the oldest state arms in Australia, was granted to the Colony of Queensland by Queen Victoria, The supporters, a red deer and a brolga, were assigned in 1977 by Queen Elizabeth II. As of August 2012 the Queensland Coat of Arms is now the official corporate identity.
Motto Audax at Fidelis
Bold but Faithful
1893 Granted with other elements of the coat of arms
Colours Maroon   13 November 2003 The Governor in Council proclaimed "Maroon Pantone 202" as Queensland's state colour
Floral Cooktown orchid
(Dendrobium phalaenopsis)
Cooktown orchid
Faunal Koala
(Phascolarctos cinereus)
Bird Brolga
(Grus rubicunda)
Gem Sapphire
August 1985 The sapphire, of any colour, is the state’s gem emblem.
Aquatic Barrier reef anemonefish
(Amphiprion akindynos)
Barrier reef anemonefish
8 March 2005
Old corporate identity Queensland Government Logo
Image:Queensland Government Logo.svg
April 2000 to July 2012 The logo is sometimes referred to as the Beattie Burger, because it resembles a hamburger with potato fries and was introduced during the premiership of Peter Beattie.
State of origin mascot Cane toad Domin8 - to signify 8 series wins consecutively