National symbols of the Czech Republic

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National flag of the Czech Republic, which was also the national flag of former Czechoslovakia

The national symbols of the Czech Republic are flags, heraldry, cultural expressions and other symbols that represent the Czech Republic, Czech people and their history, culture and nationhood. There are six official symbols which are declared in the Constitution of the Czech Republic. However many other historical, cultural and geographical symbols of the Czech republic and Czech people do exist.

Constitutional symbols[edit]

Article 14 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic lists national symbols: the coat of arms, the official colours (including white, red and blue, also Pan-Slavic colors), the national flag, the flag of the president, the official seal and the national anthem. Act No. 3/1993 refers to the national symbols and their usage.[1]

Symbols of Czech lands[edit]

The Czech republic includes three historical regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia. Each region has got its own symbols.


Coats of arms[edit]

Unofficial symbols[edit]





Arts and crafts[edit]

Folk costumes[edit]

Dance and music[edit]


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