Symbols of the Northwest Territories

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Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg

Northwest Territories is one of Canada's territories, and has established several territorial symbols.[1]


Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Northwest Territories
Coat of arms of Northwest Territories
February 24, 1956[1] Granted by royal warrant of Queen Elizabeth II.
Flag Flag of Northwest Territories
Flag of the Northwest Territories
January 1969[1] Adopted by the Council of the Northwest Territories, designed by Robert Bessant.
Shield of arms Shield of arms of Northwest Territories February 24, 1956 Granted with other elements of the coat of arms
Seal The Seal of the Northwest Territories November 29, 1956[1] The Seal of the Northwest Territories consists of the coat of arms of the NWT encircled by the words, "The Seal of the Northwest Territories."
Mace The Mace of Northwest Territories January 2000[1] It is the symbol of the Authority of the Legislative Assembly. It is a ceremonial staff carried by the Sergeant-at-Arms into the Chamber.
Flower Mountain avens
Dryas octopetala
Mountain avens
June 1957[1] It grows abundantly in the eastern and central Arctic, as well as in parts of the Mackenzie River
Bird Gyrfalcon
Falco rusticolus
1990[1] They are found throughout the tundra, including all the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
Tree Tamarack larch
Larix laricina
Tamarack larch
September 9, 1999[1] Replaced the jack pine as territorial tree in 1999.
Fish: Arctic grayling
Thymallus arcticus
Arctic grayling
September 9, 1999[1] Found in various habitats in the Northwest Territories.
Mineral Gold
Gold nugget
May 1981[1] Gold has played a major role in the development the Northwest Territories.
Gemstone Diamond
Rough diamond
September 9, 1999[1] The first Canadian diamond mine was opened in the Northwest Territories.
Tartan White, green, yellow, red and blues 1961 due to the efforts of the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society for the Handicapped. The tartan is registered at the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland
Territorial Symbol Polar bear
Polar bear


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