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Commercial? No
Type of project Swarm robotics
Location European Union
Owner Funded by the European Commission
Established 2008 (2008)
Closed 2013 (2013)
Status Closed

Symbrion (Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms) is a project funded by the European Commission between 2008 - 2013 to develop a framework in which a homogeneous swarm of miniature interdependent robots can co-assemble into a larger robotic organism to gain problem-solving momentum.

One of the key aspects of Symbrion is inspired by the biological world: an artificial genome that allows to store and evolve (sub)optimal configurations in order to achieve an increased speed of adaptation.

The SYMBRION project does not start from zero; previous development and research from projects I-SWARM and the open-source SWARMROBOT serve as a mounting point. A large part of the developments within Symbrion is open-source and open-hardware.

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