Symphony No. 1

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Symphony No. 1 is a simple designation for the first symphony published by a composer. The term applies to:

Formally titled[edit]

Works in the Public Domain[edit]

This list includes composers whose works have expired into Public Domain in most European Union and non-EU countries with a copyright term of life + 70+1 years. This only concerns compositions, not recordings. Sorted primarily by year written or year premiered. Note that this is not an authoritative list, and the copyright term in other countries may be shorter or longer.

Works under copyright protection[edit]

Works are sorted by composer's year of death

Works by living composers[edit]

Works sorted by composer's year of birth



  1. ^ M. Haydn wrote four additional pieces also designated as Symphony No. 1 by musicologists so as to not to have to disturb the Charles Sherman numbering. See List of compositions by Michael Haydn#Symphonies.