Symphony No. 18 (Mozart)

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Mozart in 1770

Symphony No. 18 in F major, K. 130, was the last of three symphonies composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in May, 1772, when he was sixteen years old.[1]


The symphony has the scoring of two flutes, four horns, and strings. There are no oboes in this symphony, they were replaced by flutes for the first time. Mozart also used a second pair of horns throughout this work, which is a rarity in his oeuvre.[1]

\new Staff <<
  \new Voice \relative c'' {
    \tempo "Allegro"
    \key f \major
    f16(\p c8.) \repeat unfold 6 { c8-. } |
    \appoggiatura d16 c( bes8.) \repeat unfold 6 { bes8-. } |
    \appoggiatura c16 bes( a8.) \repeat unfold 6 { a8-. } |
  \new Voice \relative c' {
    r4 f a f |
    r4 g8. f16 e4 c |
    r4 f8. e16 d4 c |

There are four movements:

  1. Allegro, 4
  2. Andantino grazioso, 3
  3. Menuetto — Trio, 3
  4. Allegro molto, 4


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