Symphony No. 2 (Arnold)

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EMI recording of Malcolm Arnold's Symphonies Nos 1, 2 & 5, pictures the composer conducting Symphony No. 2

The Symphony No. 2, Op 40 by Malcolm Arnold is a symphony dating from 1953. Arnold composed the symphony on commission from the Bournemouth Winter Garden's Society. He dedicated the score to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and conductor Charles Groves, who premiered the work on 25 May 1953.

The work is in four movements:

  • Allegretto
  • Vivace
  • Lento
  • Allegro con brio

Commentators such as Donald Mitchell and Christopher Stasiak have noted Arnold's use of what they characterise as "Mahlerian clichés", or Mahlerian style and construction, in this symphony.[1]

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