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Type Student Run Cultural Fest
Genre Cultural
Founded 2010
Place Pune, India
Institute Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (UG)

Sympulse is an annual international college festival at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS) Pune, founded in 2010. It spreads across a span of five days held in the first quarter of every year. It attracts students from junior, under-graduate and post-graduate colleges as participants. It is an exposure into different categories of talent, for example: Business and Management, Model United Nation Conference, Showcasing artistic ability in cultural extravaganzas, and Sports. These categories have been personalized to suit the fest and the events take place simultaneously over those five days.

Each year has a new theme. The previous themes have been: City Beats, Medieval Mayhem, Theatre of Transition, Spirit of Celebration and Escape to Neverland. The theme for 2015 was: Chrono Drift ! The theme for 2017 is Local Coalesce.

About Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune[edit]

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies – a constituent unit of Symbiosis International University was formerly introduced as Symbiosis BBA on 12 July 2004 in Pune. The institute is ranked among the top BBA courses in the nation under the guidance of Dr. Bhama Venkataramani . About 6000 students apply for 240 seats annually. The institution provides adequate opportunities to all students for holistic personality development through both academic and extracurricular activities.

The 5 wings of Sympulse[edit]

In 2010, SCMS-UG held four separate college fests with different objectives: Ananya, Sprint, SIMUNC and Symulate. Ananya was focused on cultural activities, Sprint was focused on sport-related activities, SIMUNC was focused on global topics and Symulate was focused on business-related activities. In 2010 the student council decided to merge them and create a single, larger fest called Sympulse. These four fests became wings of Sympulse, and their events were held simultaneously across the five days. Over time, Sympulse grew into five distinct wings (Ananya, Symulate, Sprint, Headline Events, and SIMUNC).


Ananya is the cultural platform which encourages creativity and artistic events. It is known to be the fun element of Sympulse because it plays host to various cultural art forms. The list of categories it covers is given below:

  • Literary arts
  • Fine arts
  • Performing arts
  • Showcase events
  • Gaming
  • Workshops
  • Informals
  • On the spot events

The events held within each category are not standardized, therefore each year the committee has new events to suit the theme of Sympulse along with previously successful events.

Headline Events[edit]

Headline Events is the glamour wing of Sympulse. It is often compared to the gilded world of movies and music, as it showcases endowments of its participants. They host events like:

  • Pit stop: A show case of international cars and bikes from all over Maharashtra. These automobiles are showcased in the college campus.
  • Battle of the bands (BOTB): BOTB showcase nationally renowned bands like demonic resurrection, family cheese and workshop.
  • War of the DJ: The participant DJs play what they have to offer, competing with each other and the crowd enjoys and judges the best mixes.
  • Pronite: A celebration the Indian cinema and music.
  • Texas Hold’em: Where poker is played like a sport.


SIMUNC, the Symbiosis International Model United Nation Conference, is a personalized version of Model United Nations. SIMUNC compels students to act responsibly, think critically, and make wise decisions It is, in essence, a simulation of the UN and its committees, with contemporary, historical, and, frequently, futuristic perspectives. Students are given an opportunity to converge from all over the world in a dynamic environment to deliberate on global issues, acting as delegates representing the various member states of the UN.


Sprint is the sport wing of Sympulse. It was one of the four initial wings of Sympulse, and generally has the highest participation of all wings. The events are categorized into the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Street football
  • Boxing
  • Pool
  • Table Tennis


Symulate is the business and management wing of Sympulse. Symulate begins with the ‘academic summit’, where eminent personalities from different sectors like corporate, sports, media and politics come together to enlighten students on a pre-decided topic. This is followed by events which test the participants' knowledge with management and other business-related activities. It gives participants a common platform to compete and showcase their talents in events ranging from Finance and Human Resource to a variety of team events. It accommodates participants from various colleges for a span of five days where every college contingent battles for the top spot. The events held by Symulate are:

  • Best Manager
  • Finance
  • Best Entrepreneur
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Business Quest
  • Business Quiz

Through the years[edit]


This was the first year when Sympulse was held. The theme was City Beats. The 4 initial wings of Sympulse – Ananya, Sprint, SIMUNC and Symulate – embraced the theme and created events within each category to suit the theme. With City Beats as its theme, it aimed to celebrate the epitome of human civilization, the manifestation of man’s very soul and the pinnacle of ambitious vision: a City. There were 30 international participants and 800 international participants; hence a total of 830 participants. The media coverage was by Channel V and Pune Mirror. The total value of the fest was 4,000,000 INR. The footfall for the year was approximately 22,000 guests.

Celebrities Sympulse'10[edit]

Riteish Deshmukh at Sympulse '10
  • Abraxas
  • Amey Date
  • Hemant Kaul
  • Hormuz Ragina
  • Neeta Lulla
  • Poppy Jabal
  • Praniti Shinde
  • Pullela Gopichand
  • Ritesh Deshmukh
  • Tarla Dalal
  • VJ Andy of Channel V.

Sponsors Sympulse'10[edit]

  • Aprillia
  • Axis Bank
  • Cloud 9
  • Bharat Petroleum
  • HP
  • iCrave
  • Mariplex
  • ONGC
  • PCRA
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Teemac
  • Times of India


In 2011, Sympulse was held from the 17th to 21 January. This year there was an addition of the fifth wing: Headlines. The theme for this year was Medius Tempus Insania also known as Medieval Mayhem. The fest had 44 events spread out across the span of five days. There were 54 international participants, 1232 national participants; hence, 1276 participants in total. The media coverage was done by MTV, Pune Mirror and Mid-Day. The value of the fest was 4,800,000 INR. The festival recorded an approximate footfall of 24,000 people during the five days. In addition to the Sympulse buzz, there was a movie shot on campus during the fest. However, the highlight was the performance by Shankar Mahadevan and his troupe – that saw an audience of approximately 2000 people.

Celebrities Sympulse'11[edit]

Shankar Mahadevan at Sympulse '11
  • Angad Bedi
  • Arjun Bajwa
  • Ashley Lobo
  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Jacky Bhagnani
  • Kailash Kher
  • Puja Gupta
  • Remo D’souza
  • Tochi Raina
  • Vashu Bhagnani
  • Wendell Rodricks
  • Salman Khan

Sponsors Sympulse'11[edit]

  • ABIL
  • Aircel
  • BlackBerry
  • BPC
  • Cello
  • Equal
  • Fila
  • JSW
  • Mainland China
  • Micro Technologies
  • RMP
  • Takshzila
  • TIME


In 2012, Sympulse was held on 30 – 3 February. This was the third year of the fest. The theme was Theatre of Transition, it was inspired the changes in society. It was symbolic of developments in ideologies of people and how that brought about transitions in lives of individual which then contributed to the revolution of society over the past few decades. There were 60 international participants and 2200 domestic participants; hence in total 2260 participants. The media coverage was done by Gulf News, Mid-Day, and Pune Mirror. The total value of the fest was 7,480,640 INR. Sympulse’12 recorded a footfall of 28,274. Some of the major attractions of the festival this year were the Pit Stop bikes and cars, Battle of the Bands, the Fashion Show and the Musical Nite concert by Pentagram.

Celebrities Sympulse'12[edit]

Pentagram at Sympulse '12
  • Band of Boys
  • Javed Jaffrey
  • Kailash Kher
  • Madhur Bhandarkar
  • Manoviraj Khosla
  • Mugdha Godse
  • Nargis Fakhri
  • Nikhil Chinnappa
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Shriya Saran

Sponsors Sympulse'12[edit]

  • ACC Cement
  • Airtel
  • Blue (flavored drinking water)
  • Cad B
  • Carbonn Jewelry
  • Chambor
  • Close Up
  • Discovery Networks: TLC
  • Enrich
  • Game Zone
  • Golds’ Gym
  • ITC Classmate
  • Jai Hind
  • KUL
  • Leo's
  • Marvel Realtors
  • Oberoi Overseas
  • Parle
  • Party Hunterz
  • Piaggio
  • Pollo Campero
  • Raj Hans
  • Riot
  • Snapdeal
  • UTV
  • Westin
  • Aprillia


In its fourth year, 2013, Sympulse was held from 28 January – 1 February. The theme for the year was The Spirit of Celebration. It intended to celebrate all aspects of life. There were 72 international participants and 3000 domestic participants; hence 3072 participants in total. The Media coverage was by 9XO/9XM, Mid-Day, Radio One, DSN, and Extentia. The total value of the fest was 11,300,000 INR. The approximate footfall of the fest was 35,000. The highlight of the fest was the Musical Nite with Michael Woods, and the ProNite with RDB and Akshay Kumar.

Celebrities Sympulse'13[edit]

Michael Woods at Sympulse '13
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Kajal Aggarwal
  • Dualist Inquiry
  • Master Marzi
  • Michael Woods
  • RDB
  • Shivamani
  • Terence Lewis

Sponsors Sympulse'13[edit]

  • Axis Bank
  • Lux
  • Phillips
  • Provogue
  • Ranka Jewellers
  • Venky’s
  • Vespa


Dub vision at Musical Nite - Sympulse '14

In its fifth year Sympulse was held from 28 January – 1 February 2014. “Escape to Neverland” was the theme of the fifth edition of this cultural extravaganza. It represented the abstract idea and out of the box thinking that Sympulse stood for. The Media coverage was done by 9XM/9XO, Radio One, Extentia, Autocar India, Mid Day and Sakal times. The total value of the fest was Rs. 120 lakh with the approximate footfall of the fest being 40,000. The highlight of the fest was the Musical Nite with Dubvision and Nikhil Chinnappa, and the ProNite with Benny Dayal and Bombay Rockers.


  • Ministry of Social welfare and Justice( De-addiction department)
  • Finolex
  • Gulf Oil
  • Venky's
  • RIO beverages
  • Deltin Royale
  • Hyatt
  • Steve Madden
  • Nostrum Jeans
  • White Kalia & Lazy ninja
  • 9X Media 9XO Media

Celebrity quotient[edit]

  • Randeep Hooda,
  • Benny Dayal,
  • Tom Alter,
  • Dubvision,
  • Nikhil Chinnappa
  • Bombay Rockers


Musical Night at Sympulse '15

2015 witnessed Sympulse ’15 from 28 January – 1 February. Entering into its sixth year Sympulse took up“Chrono Drift“ as the theme as it found inspiration from the changing tides of time. It was symbolic of the perpetual changes in the society and the ideologies of people and how that brought abouttransitions in lives of individuals over time. There were 650 international participants and 4200 domestic participants; hence in total 4850 participants. The media coverage was done by VH1, Radio Mirchi andPune Mirror. The total value of the fest was Rs. 40 lakh. Sympulse’15 had a record footfall of 45,000.


  • Vencobb
  • Jbl
  • Furtados
  • Adda52
  • Novotel
  • Ridlr
  • Desiann
  • Airtel
  • Intencity in association with Sony
  • Maksons
  • Kulprit
  • Zee
  • Mc Donalds
  • Rio

Celebrity Quotient[edit]

  • Vijendra Singh: Boxing (Sprint)
  • Mithoon: Western solo (Ananya).
  • Ashmeet Patel: Drama event (Ananya)
  • Purab Kholi, Amyara Dastur and Arya Babbar: Fashion show (Ananya)
  • Shakti Mohon(Dancer): Solo Dance ( Ananya)
  • Indian Ocean


Sympulse is an entirely student-run college festival. There are 18 departments which co-ordinate and manage the fest by sharing responsibility of operations. These 18 departments consist of various people contributing towards the objective of the department. The objectives are monitored by the Heads of the Departments (HOD). A department may have one or two HODs. These HODs are responsible for everything that takes place within their departments. They further report to the Executive team, which consist of seven individuals who oversee the co-ordination of the 18 departments. These Executives then report to the Vice President and President of Sympulse, who are in-charge of the "whole picture". The President is then liable to keep the Faculty in-charge updated and well informed. All the processes that take place to make Sympulse happen must be approved by the hierarchy. The entire organizing committee consists of approximately 400 people.

Departments of Sympulse[edit]

Ananya Headline Events Sponsorship
Compliance Procurement Sprint
Creatives Press Symulate
Domestic & International Relations SIMUNC Technicals
Finance Social Media and Graphics
Guest Relations Security

In The News[edit]

Over the years Sympulse has not only been covered in India but internationally as well. The media has partnered with Sympulse numerous times and in various capacities as media partners, radio partners, print partners and outdoor partners. This has enhanced the marketing of Sympulse .

So far, It has been covered by:

  • TOI[1]
  • Mid-Day [2]
  • Gulf News [3]
  • Pune Mirror [4]
  • DNA [5]
  • Extentia
  • Legal desires
  • Cool age


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