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Synapscape live at Das Bunker.png
Synapscape live at Das Bunker in Los Angeles, March 2006
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Industrial music, Noise music, Powernoise
Years active 1994–present
Labels Ant-Zen
Members Philipp Münch
Tim Kniep

Synapscape is a German recording duo specializing in the creation of dark noise, teknoid, and power electronics. It is a long-time act of Germany’s industrial music record label, Ant-Zen.

Members / History[edit]

Synapscape was founded in 1994 by Philipp Münch (b. 1968) and Tim Kniep, who have been its only members. Münch’s musical history includes his formation of The Rorschach Garden in 1988, and in 1989 he was a founding member of the industrial band Ars Moriendi. This project’s demise in 1994 saw in turn Münch’s collaboration with Kniep of Blendwerk, and the birth of Synapscape.

Both members of Synapscape also record in the project Monokrom. Münch also has his own project Pmuench, is a member of the collaboration Templegarden’s, and still records under the name The Rorschach Garden.


  • Synapscape, 1995, CD
  • Helix, 1996, 7”
  • Rage, 1997, CD
  • Remix Item, 1998, 10” (with Imminent)
  • So What, 1999, 2CD
  • Screenwalking, 2000, CD / LP (with Imminent)
  • Positive Pop, 2001, CD
  • Positive Pop, 2001, Boxset (incl. three 10” bonus vinyls)
  • Raw, 2002, CD
  • Hands On Centrozoon, 2003, CD
  • The Incredible Three, 2004, 7” (with Imminent)
  • The Revenge of the Incredible Three, 2005, 7” (with Imminent)
  • The Return of the Incredible Three, 2005, 7" (with Imminent)
  • Act!, 2005, CD
  • Scenes from a Galton's Walk, 2006, CD (split with Asche)
  • Now, 2007, CD
  •, 2008, mp3
  • archive.two, 2008, mp3
  • Again, 2009, CD
  • Traits, 2011, CD

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