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Synapse Audio Software is a software company located in Germany. Previously known as Sonic Syndicate and headed by Richard Hoffman they develop music production software for the Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms. They started developing software in November 1998 as Sonic Syndicate and changed their name to Synapse Audio with the release of Orion Platinum in 2002

The name Synapse Audio was thought of by Epilogue, an Orion user. Sonic Syndicate ran a competition for users to suggest new names for the company. The winner received a free copy of Orion Platinum.

Orion Studio[edit]

Orion is a main product manufactured by Synapse. It is a standalone music production package with a multitrack sequencer and pattern-based workflow. Orion includes several built-in instruments and supports additional Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments and effects plug-ins. As of version 8.5, Synapse Orion Studio contains following default instruments:

  • Drumrack
  • Sampler
  • Pro-9
  • Tomcat
  • Wasp
  • Toxic
  • Monobass
  • Screamer
  • Plucked String
  • Acoustic Grand Piano
  • WaveFusion
  • Ultran
  • MidiOut module
    Enables sending notes to external MIDI-compatible music equipment

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