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Synapse Gaming
Indie Game Technology Development
Industry Video game industry
Founded 2003
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Products Torque Lighting Kit (2003-2008)
SunBurn XNA Game Engine (2008-present)
Salty Jim's Putt Putt Island (2010-present)

Synapse Gaming was a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based video game engine developer. It is best known for lighting and rendering technology, integrated into the SunBurn XNA Game Engine and previously, GarageGames' Torque Lighting Kit.

Synapse Gaming's interest in and development of lighting, rendering, and other elements of game technology have enabled independent game developers to create games with visuals that can compete with AAA title releases. It was started by John Kabus, initially working in partnership with GarageGames. GarageGames released the following products with Synapse Gaming's lighting and rendering technology in them:

In 2008, Synapse Gaming embarked on a partnership with Microsoft, building new technology using XNA which retails as the SunBurn Engine.[1] The resulting XNA products include:

  • SunBurn Lighting and Rendering Engine (2008)
  • Salty Jim's Putt Putt Island (2010)
  • SunBurn XNA Game Engine (2011)

Microsoft recognizes Synapse Gaming as an official partner, and App Hub members receive discounts.[2] In 2010, Synapse Gaming released a mobile mini-golf video game for Windows Phone 7 called "Salty Jim's Putt Putt Island."


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