Synchronised swimming at the 1994 World Aquatics Championships

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These are the results from the synchronized swimming competition at the 1994 World Aquatics Championships, which were held in Rome in September 1994.[1]

Medal table[edit]

1 United States (USA)3003
2 Japan (JPN)0213
3 Canada (CAN)0123
Totals (3 nations)3339


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Solo routine  Becky Dyroen-Lancer (USA) 191.040  Fumiko Okuno (JPN) 187.306  Lisa Alexander (CAN) 186.826
Duet routine  Becky Dyroen-Lancer (USA)
 Jill Sudduth (USA)
187.009  Fumiko Okuno (JPN)
 Miya Tachibana (JPN)
186.259  Lisa Alexander (CAN)
 Erin Woodley (CAN)
Team routine  United States (USA)
Suzannah Bianco
Tammy Cleland
Becky Dyroen-Lancer
Jill Savery
Nathalie Schneyder
Heather Simmons
Jill Sudduth
Margot Thien
185.883  Canada (CAN)
Lisa Alexander
Janice Bremner
Karen Clark
Carrie Daguerre
Karen Fonteyne
Kasia Kulesza
Cari Read
Erin Woodley
183.263  Japan (JPN)
Raika Fujii
Akiko Kawase
Rei Jimbo
Fumiko Okuno
Miya Tachibana
Kaori Takahashi
Miho Takeda
Masayo Yajima


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