Synchronized swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's team

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Women's team
at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Beijing National Aquatics Centre 1.jpg
Aquatics Center in Beijing
Venue Beijing National Aquatics Center
Date 22–23 August
Competitors 64 from 8 nations
Winning points 97.334
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
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Synchronized swimming at the
2008 Summer Olympics

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Duet   women
Team women

The women's team event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, took place at the Beijing National Aquatics Center from 22 to 23 August. The Russian squad had displayed their complex choreography with an unmatched precision in the free routine to defend their Olympic title for the third straight victory, having received a nearly perfect mark of 99.500 by the judges.[1] Spain picked up a silver with 98.251 points, while the Chinese squad surpassed the 2004 Olympic silver medal team Japan by nearly a two-point advantage to claim a bronze for the host nation's first ever Olympic medal, recording a composite score of 97.334.[2][3]

Eight teams competed, each consisting of eight swimmers (from a total team of nine swimmers). There was a single round of competition. Each team presents two routines: a technical routine and a free routine. The technical routine consists of twelve required elements, which must be completed in order and within a time of between 2 minutes 35 seconds and 3 minutes 5 seconds. The free routine has no restrictions other than time; this routine must last between 3 minutes 45 seconds and 4 minutes 15 seconds.

For each routine, the team is judged by two panels of five judges each. One panel is the technical jury, the other is the artistic jury. Each judge gives marks of between 0 and 10. The highest and lowest score from each panel are dropped, leaving a total of six scores which are then summed to give the routine's score. The scores of the two routines are then added to give a final score for the team.


All times are Beijing Standard Time UTC+8

Date Time Round
Friday, 22 August 2008 15:00 Final technical routine
Saturday, 23 August 2008 15:00 Final free routine


Rank Country Athlete Technical Free Total
1st  Russia (RUS) Anastasia Davydova, Anastasia Ermakova, Maria Gromova, Natalia Ishchenko, Elvira Khasyanova, Olga Kuzhela, Svetlana Romashina, Anna Shorina, Yelena Ovchinnikova 49.500 50.000 99.500
2nd  Spain (ESP) Alba Cabello, Raquel Corral, Andrea Fuentes, Thaïs Henríquez, Laura López, Gemma Mengual, Irina Rodríguez, Paola Tirados, Gisela Morón 48.917 49.334 98.251
3rd  China (CHN) Gu Beibei, Jiang Tingting, Jiang Wenwen, Liu Ou, Luo Xi, Sun Qiuting, Wang Na, Zhang Xiaohuan, Huang Xuechen 48.584 48.750 97.334
4  Canada (CAN) Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon, Jessika Dubuc, Marie-Pierre Gagné, Dominika Kopcik, Eve Lamoureux, Tracy Little, Élise Marcotte, Jennifer Song, Isabelle Rampling 47.584 48.084 95.668
5  United States (USA) Brooke Abel, Janet Culp, Kate Hooven, Christina Jones, Andrea Nott, Annabelle Orme, Jill Penner, Kim Probst, Becky Kim 47.584 47.750 95.334
5  Japan (JPN) Ai Aoki, Saho Harada, Naoko Kawashima, Hiromi Kobayashi, Erika Komura, Ayako Matsumura, Emiko Suzuki, Masako Tachibana, Yumiko Ishiguro 48.167 47.167 95.334
7  Australia (AUS) Eloise Amberger, Coral Bentley, Sarah Bombell, Myriam Glez, Erika Leal-Ramirez, Tarren Otte, Samantha Reid, Bethany Walsh, Tamika Domrow 40.417 41.750 82.167
8  Egypt (EGY) Reem Abdalazem, Aziza Abdelfattah, Hagar Badran, Dalia El Gebaly, Shaza El-Sayed, Youmna Khallaf, Mai Mohamed, Nouran Saleh, Lamyaa Badawi 39.750 41.083 80.833


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