Synchronized swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's team

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Women's team
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
London Aquatics Centre, 16 April 2012.jpg
Aquatics Centre in London
Venue Aquatics Centre
Date 9–10 August
Competitors 64 from 8 nations
Winning points 197.030
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
2008 2016
Synchronized swimming at the
2012 Summer Olympics

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Duet   women
Team women

The women's team event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom, took place at the Aquatics Centre from 9 to 10 August.[1] Russia maintained its dominance in the sport, as the team delivered a nearly perfect, complex choreography for another gold medal at its fourth consecutive Olympics, having received a powerful, composite score of 197.030 by the judges.[2][3] Meanwhile, the Chinese squad resisted the challenge from Spain on a historical breakthrough to add a silver in the event with 194.010, edging the Spaniards out of the pool to accept the bronze for a total score of 193.120.[2][4]

Eight teams competed, each consisting of eight swimmers (from a total team of nine swimmers). There was a single round of competition. Each team presents two routines: a technical routine and a free routine. The technical routine consists of twelve required elements, which must be completed in order and within a time of between 2 minutes 35 seconds and 3 minutes 5 seconds. The free routine has no restrictions other than time; this routine must last between 3 minutes 45 seconds and 4 minutes 15 seconds.[5]

For each routine, the team is judged by two panels of five judges each. One panel is the technical jury, the other is the artistic jury. Each judge gives marks of between 0 and 10. The highest and lowest score from each panel are dropped, leaving a total of six scores which are then summed to give the routine's score. The scores of the two routines are then added to give a final score for the team[5]


All times are UTC+1

Date Time Round
Thursday, 9 August 2012 15:00 Final Technical Routine
Friday, 10 August 2012 15:00 Final Free Routine


Rank Country Athletes Technical Free Total
1st, gold medalist(s) Russia Anastasia Davydova, Mariya Gromova, Natalia Ishchenko, Elvira Khasyanova, Daria Korobova, Alexandra Patskevich, Svetlana Romashina, Angelika Timanina, Alla Shishkina 98.100 98.930 197.030
2nd, silver medalist(s) China Chang Si, Chen Xiaojun, Huang Xuechen, Jiang Tingting, Jiang Wenwen, Liu Ou, Luo Xi, Wu Yiwen, Sun Wenyan 97.000 97.010 194.010
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Spain Clara Basiana, Alba Cabello, Ona Carbonell, Margalida Crespí, Andrea Fuentes, Thaïs Henríquez, Paula Klamburg, Irene Montrucchio, Laia Pons 96.200 96.920 193.120
4 Canada Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon, Stéphanie Durocher, Jo-Annie Fortin, Chloé Isaac, Stéphanie Leclair, Tracy Little, Élise Marcotte, Valerie Welsh, Karine Thomas 94.400 95.230 189.630
5 Japan Yumi Adachi, Aika Hakoyama, Yukiko Inui, Mayo Itoyama, Chisa Kobayashi, Risako Mitsui, Mariko Sakai, Kurumi Yoshida, Mai Nakamura 93.800 93.830 187.630
6 Great Britain Katie Clark, Katie Dawkins, Olivia Allison, Jennifer Knobbs, Victoria Lucass, Asha Randall, Jenna Randall, Katie Skelton, Yvette Baker 87.300 88.140 175.440
7 Egypt Reem Abdalazem, Shaza Abdelrahman, Nour El-Afandi, Dalia El-Gebaly, Samar Hassounah, Youmna Khallaf, Mai Mohamed, Mariam Omar, Aya Darwish 77.600 78.360 155.960
8 Australia Eloise Amberger, Jenny-Lyn Anderson, Sarah Bombell, Olia Burtaev, Tamika Domrow, Bianca Hammett, Tarren Otte, Samantha Reid, Frankie Owen 77.500 77.430 154.930


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