Twilight Syndrome (video game series)

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Twilight Syndrome
Genres Adventure, survival horror
Developers Human Entertainment, Vaill, Spike
Publishers Human Entertainment, Spike
Creators Goichi Suda
Composers Kouji Niikura
Masafumi Takada
Platforms PlayStation, Nintendo DS
Platform of origin PlayStation
Year of inception 1996
First release Twilight Syndrome: Search
March 1, 1996
Latest release Twilight Syndrome: The Forbidden Urban Legend
July 26, 2008

Twilight Syndrome (トワイライトシンドローム?, Towairaito Shindorōmu) is a series of Japan-exclusive video games developed by Human Entertainment. Goichi Suda designed the first three games in this series.


Main video games[edit]

  • Twilight Syndrome: Search (トワイライトシンドローム 探索編?, Towairaito Shindorōmu Tansaku-hen) was released for the PlayStation on March 1, 1996. It is the first half of the story that concludes in Investigation.
  • Twilight Syndrome: Investigation (トワイライトシンドローム 究明編?, Towairaito Shindorōmu Kyūmei-hen) was released for PlayStation on July 19, 1996. It is the second part of the story presented in Search.
  • Moonlight Syndrome (ムーンライトシンドローム?, Mūnraito Shindorōmu) was released on October 9, 1997, for PlayStation. A non-canonical side story to Twilight Syndrome: Search and Twilight Syndrome: Investigation. Events from The Silver Case (also developed by Goichi Suda) take place after this game.
  • Twilight Syndrome: Reunion (トワイライトシンドローム 再会?, Towairaito Shindorōmu Saikai) was released in Japan on July 27, 2000 for PlayStation. It is a true sequel to the story present in Twilight Syndrome: Search and Twilight Syndrome: Investigation. Reunion contains a new cast of characters and a new story.
  • Twilight Syndrome: The Forbidden Urban Legend (トワイライトシンドローム 禁じられた都市伝説?, Towairaito Shindorōmu Kinjirareta Toshi Densetsu) was released in Japan on July 26, 2008 for Nintendo DS.

Other appearances[edit]

In the 2012 video game, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, developed by Spike Chunsoft, a tribute to the Twilight Syndrome series, titled Twilight Syndrome Murder Case, is found during the game's second chapter. The game-within-a-game uses a visual style resembling the series to portray an incident related to the chapter's case.

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