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Synergia Ranch

Coordinates: 35°29′27.3″N 106°5′45.6″W / 35.490917°N 106.096000°W / 35.490917; -106.096000
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Synergia Ranch is an ecovillage founded in 1969 by John P. Allen, the inventor of Biosphere 2 and Marie Harding, its present manager. It is located in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, 15 miles south of the city of Santa Fe.[1] Synergia Ranch operates as a private retreat and workshop center for small groups.


In the 1970s, businessman and philanthropist Ed Bass was a regular visitor to the counterculture community, later becoming a director of the Institute of Ecotechnics that Allen and other Synergia Ranch members founded, and financing much of their work.[2] The Theater of All Possibilities (TOAP) network was based out of Synergia Ranch.[1]

In 1984, Bass and Allen launched the Biosphere 2 project (for which Bass provided $150 million in funding until 1991), partially inspired by ideas Allen had advocated at Synergia Ranch, such as Buckminster Fuller's "Spaceship Earth".[2] Several other former members of Synergia Ranch also joined Biosphere 2.[2]


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35°29′27.3″N 106°5′45.6″W / 35.490917°N 106.096000°W / 35.490917; -106.096000