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Synergy is the combination of two or more things that creates an effect which is greater than the sum of each separately.

Synergy may also refer to:

  • Corporate synergy, the benefits created by the combination of two companies through a merger or acquisition
  • Synergism, the belief that man cooperates with God regarding salvation, in contrast to monergism (see also: Sola fide)
  • Synergism hypothesis, the idea in evolutionary biology that cooperating parts may provide a significant selective advantage for complex systems





  • Synergy (software), a computer program for sharing a keyboard and mouse between multiple computers
  • Rational Synergy, a software tool for revision control of source code and other software development assets
  • Hybrid Synergy Drive, the hybrid vehicle technology invented by Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Synergy School Radio, The UK's leading provider of radio equipment to schools


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