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Synod of the Northeast is an upper judicatory of the Presbyterian Church (USA) based in East Syracuse, New York. The synod oversees twenty-two presbyteries in six New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), two of the three Mid-Atlantic States (New Jersey and New York), plus a non-geographical Korean Presbytery.


The Synod of the Northeast was founded in May 1973,[1] when the General Assembly decided to reorganize its synods on a regional basis. The merger included the following state synods:

  • The Synod of New Jersey was established in 1824, when the Presbytery of Jersey was divided into the presbyteries of Newark and Elizabeth Town.[2]
  • The Synod of New York
  • Synod of New England

Presbyteries of the Synod of the Northeast[edit]

There are 22 presbyteries in the synod:

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