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Synopsys, Inc.
Traded as
ISINUS8716071076 Edit this on Wikidata
PredecessorC Level Design Edit this on Wikidata
Founded1986 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
FounderDavid Gregory
Aart de Geus
HeadquartersMountain View, California, U.S.
Key people
Aart J. de Geus
(Founder, Chairman & co-CEO)
Chi-Foon Chan
(President & co-CEO)
RevenueIncrease US$3.3 billion (2019)[1]
Increase US$625 million (2019)[1]
Number of employees
DivisionsSilicon Design & Verification, Silicon Intellectual Property, Software Integrity Group

Synopsys (/sɪˈnɒpsɪs/) is an American electronic design automation company that focuses on silicon design and verification, silicon intellectual property and software security and quality. Products include logic synthesis, behavioral synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis, formal verification, hardware description language (SystemC, SystemVerilog/Verilog, VHDL) simulators, as well as transistor-level circuit simulation. The simulators include development and debugging environments which assist in the design of the logic for chips and computer systems. In recent years, Synopsys has expanded its products and services to include application security testing. Their technology is present in self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and internet of things consumer products.


Synopsys was founded by Aart J de Geus and David Gregory in 1986 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The outfit was initially established as Optimal Solutions with a charter to develop and market synthesis technology developed by the team at General Electric. They have evolved to become a leader[buzzword] in electronic design automation, semiconductor intellectual property, and software security solutions.[citation needed]


Synopsys has three divisions including silicon design and verification, silicon intellectual property, and software integrity.

Silicon Design & Verification[edit]

This Synopsys division focuses the design and verification of integrated circuits and designing more advanced processes and models for the manufacturing of those chips.[3]

Silicon Intellectual Property[edit]

This division of Synopsys focuses on the enabling organizations to create high-quality silicon proven intellectual property solutions for System on a chip (SoC) designs.[4]

Software Integrity[edit]

In 2014, Synopsys began to expand their products and services to include software security and quality. This division helps organizations integrate security into DevOps environments, build holistic application security programs, test any software on-demand, find and fix software quality and compliance issues earlier, identify and manage open source components, and assess application security threats, risks and dependancies.[5]


Synopsys has three types of products and services within the three divisions of Silicon Design & Verification[6], Silicon Intellectual Property[7], and Software Integrity.[8] Synopsys has a number of products and services, including:

  • Advanced Fusion Technology[9]
  • Black Duck[10]
  • Black Duck Audit Services[11]
  • Certitude
  • Code Sight[12]
  • Coverity[13]
  • Custom Compiler
  • DC Explorer
  • Defensics[14]
  • Design Compiler Graphical
  • Design Complier NXT
  • ESP
  • Formality®
  • Fusion Compiler
  • Fusion Design Platform
  • HAPS® Prototyping
  • IC Compiler™
  • IC Compiler II™ with RedHawk™
  • Identify® RTL Debugger
  • Lynx Design System
  • Nanotime
  • Polaris Software Integrity Platform™[15]
  • PrimeECO
  • PrimePower
  • PrimeYield
  • Proteus
  • QuickCap NX
  • Seeker[16]
  • SilconSmart®
  • Siloti
  • Simpleware™ ScanIP
  • SpyGlass®
  • StarRC™
  • Synopsys eLearning
  • Synopsys Managed Services[17]
  • Synopsys Professional Services
  • Synopsys TestMAX™
  • Synplify Premiere®
  • Synplify Pro®
  • The PrimeTime ® Suite
  • Tinfoil[18]
  • Verdi®
  • Verdi Advanced AMS Debug
  • Verdi HW/SW Debug
  • Verdi Performance Analyzer
  • Verdi Power-Aware Debug
  • VerIDE
  • Virtualizer®
  • VCS®

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