Synterra Media

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«Synterra Media»
Closed joint-stock company
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2006
Headquarters Moscow, Russian Federation
Area served
Russian Federation
Key people
Valery Krylov
Parent MegaFon
Synterra Media is the national communication carrier of Russia[citation needed], which provides a comprehensive range of telecommunication services to national corporations, public structures, corporate customers, communication operators, content providers and private users in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, Baltic States, Europe and Asia. It is fully owned by MegaFon.


The company was founded in 2006. The aim of the company is to develop Synterra’s media projects. In September, 2009 Synterra Group of Companies (GC) got operational control of Synterra Media as GC bought 40,01% stocks. Nowadays GC "Synterra" owns 60% of "Synterra Media". That gives GC the right to make decisions on further development of this project.[1]


  • Operator of TV-lines network.
  • Processing and delivery of TV-signal
  • Business partner for operators of cable TV.
  • Variant platform IPTV for regional operators of broadband Internet access.[2]


New Digital TV[edit]

"Synterra Media" and Microsoft negotiated cooperation. Companies offer joint decision of extra services for IPTV development for regional operators of broadband Internet access.[9] The new digital TV on the base of Microsoft MediaRoom platform was launched in test mode on 1 July 2010.[10]



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