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The Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL)[1] is a proposed data standard for exchanging synthetic biology designs between software packages.[2] It has been under development by the SBOL Developers Group[3] since 2008. This group aims to develop the standard in a way that is open and democratic in order to include as many interests as possible and to avoid domination by a single company. The group also aims to develop and improve the design standard over time as the field of synthetic biology reflects this development.

A graphical modeling language called SBOL visual has also been created to visualize SBOL designs.[4]

Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) standard visual symbols: promoter, primer binding site, cds, restriction site, etc.


Version Date
1.0 November 2011
1.1 October 2012
2.0 July 2015
2.1.0 October 2016[5]


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