Syriac Union Party (Lebanon)

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Syriac Union Party (Lebanon)
ܓܒܐ ܕܚܘܝܕܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ ܒܠܒܢܢ
Leader Ibrahim Murad
Founder Ibrahim Murad
Founded 29 March 2005; 12 years ago (2005-03-29)
Headquarters Lebanon Lebanon
Ideology Syriac minority rights,
Assyrian nationalism
National affiliation Allied to March 14 Alliance
Parliament of Lebanon
0 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
0 / 30
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Syriac Union Party (Syriac: ܓܒܐ ܕܚܘܝܕܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ ܒܠܒܢܢ‎, Arabic: حزب الاتحاد السرياني‎‎) abbreviated as SUL is a Lebanese Assyrian/Syriac[1][2][3] political party established on 29 March 2005. It expresses points of view of the Assyrian/Syriac minority community in Lebanon without any confessional differences between Syriac Orthodox or Syriac Catholic and is vocal in asking for independent seats for the Assyrians/Syriacs in the Lebanese Parliament, rather than confining them to the "minorities seat" in Beirut as is now the case.[4]

The Syriac Union Party is headed by Ibrahim Murad, and is considered[by whom?] very close with the opposition of the 14 March alliance.[citation needed]

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