Aramean-Syriac flag

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Syriac-Aramean flag
Flag of the Syriac-Aramaic People.svg
UseEthnic flag
DesignWinged sun on red background
Designed byBahro Suryoyo
"Winged Sun of Thebes" (from Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity by Samuel Sharpe, 1863)

The Aramean flag, or Syriac-Aramean flag, is the ethnic flag designated for the Aramean people, adopted in 1980 by the Aramean journal Bahro Suryoyo of the Syriac federation in Sweden (Swedish: Syrianska Riksförbundet).[1] Intended to represent their nation and homeland as well as the Aramean diaspora,[2] the flag was design based on the Winged Sun symbol, replacing the sun by a torch symbolising the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

The design is specifically based on a relief depicting Gilgamesh between two bull-men supporting a winged sun disk, excavated by the French semitologist André Dupont-Sommer (1900-1983) at Tell Halaf in the former Aramean city-state of Bit Bahiani, today located in the Al Hasakah governorate of northeastern Syria.[3] The red background was chosen to represent the blood that was spilled in the Aramean genocide. The yellow represents hope.[4] It is intended to represent "the Aramean (Syriac) nation in the Aramean homeland and in the Aramean diaspora".[5] The Aramean flag is advocated by a number of Syriac Christians, most notably members of the Syriac Orthodox Church and Syriac Catholic Church.


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