Syrian National Youth Party

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Syrian National Youth Party
Leader Maher Merhej
Secretary-General Nabil Merhaj
Founded 14 March 2012 (14 March 2012)
Headquarters Damascus, Syria
People's Council
0 / 250

The Syrian National Youth Party is a political party that was approved on 14 March 2012 following the Syrian constitutional referendum, 2012 that introduced multi party elections into Syria.[1][2] It describes itself as neither "pro- or anti-government" but says while it "opposes wrongdoing", it functions "under the umbrella of Syria, the homeland, and President Bashar al-Assad" [3]

It fielded three candidates in Damascus Governorate in the Syrian parliamentary election, 2012, although contested the results, claiming that the vote had been marred by irregularities and fraud. As a result, the party rejected the election results and proclaimed the new parliament illegitimate.[4]

The secretary-general is Nabil Merhaj and the co-founder and spokesman is Maher Mirhej [3][5]