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Syrian diaspora
Total population
From 8 to possibly 15 million[1][citation needed]
Syrian Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Turkish
Islam, Christianity, Druze, Syrian Jews
Syrian baklava maker in Little Syria in 1916.
Syrian immigrant children on Washington Street in Lower Manhattan in 1916.

Syrian diaspora refers to Syrian migrants and their descendants who, whether by choice or coercion, emigrated from Syria and now reside in other countries as either immigrants or refugees of the Syrian Civil War.

The Syrians living outside of Syria are estimated to be from 8 to possibly around 15 million.[1][citation needed] Under the current nationality law, diaspora Syrians do not have an automatic right of return to Syria.[citation needed] Due to varying degrees of assimilation, most diaspora Syrians have not passed on the language to their children[citation needed] (either Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian or Adyghe), while some still maintaining a Syrian ethnic identity.

Syrian populations in the diaspora[edit]

Country Estimate Upper Estimate Region Country article in English Wikipedia
 Brazil 1,000,000 according to a research conducted by IBGE in 2008, covering only the states of Amazonas, Paraíba, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso and Distrito Federal, 0.9% of caucasoid Brazilian respondents said they had family origins in the Middle East


4,000,000 (Brazilian government)[3] Latin America Syrian Brazilian
 Turkey 2,503,549 registered (December 2015)[4] Middle East Syrians in Turkey
 Lebanon 1,070,189 registered (December 2015)[5] Middle East Syrians in Lebanon
 Jordan 633,466 registered (December 2015)[6] 1,400,000 estimated (ِAugust 2015)[6] Middle East Syrians in Jordan
 Argentina 500,000 1,000,000 Latin America Syrian Argentine
 Saudi Arabia 500,000-2,500,000[7]


Middle East Syrians in Saudi Arabia
 Iraq 247,861 estimated (March 2015)[9] Middle East
 United Arab Emirates >250,000 estimated (2016)[10][11] Middle East Syrians in the United Arab Emirates
 Germany 600,000+ [12] European Union Syrians in Germany
 United States 154,560 (by ancestry, 2010 Census)[13] North America Syrian American
 Egypt 133,862 estimated (April 2015)[14] North Africa and Middle East
 Kuwait 120,000 estimated (2015)[15] Middle East Syrians in Kuwait
 Greece 88,204 (2015)[16] European Union Syrians in Greece
 Canada 40,840 (by ancestry, 2011 Census) [17] North America Syrian Canadians
 Sweden 40,000 (2015) [18][19][20][21] European Union Syrians in Sweden
 Austria 18,000 (2015)[19][22] European Union Syrians in Austria
 Australia 13,517 (by ancestry, 2011)[23] Oceania Syrian Australian
 Venezuela 15,632 (Syrian-born resident, 2015)[24] 1,000,000 Venezuelans of Syrian descent[25][26][27][28] Latin America Syrian Venezuelan
 Algeria 10,000[29] (Jan 2013) 25,000 estimated[29] (Jan 2013) North Africa

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