Syritta pipiens

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Syritta pipiens
Hoverfly August 2007-8.jpg
Syritta pipiens 108 - bearbeitet.png
Scientific classification
S. pipiens
Binomial name
Syritta pipiens

Syritta pipiens is a common species of European hover fly. It is sometimes called the thick-legged hoverfly, from its distinctive broad hind femora. They are fast nimble fliers, and the larvae feed in rotting organic matter.[2]

In flight


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Wing length: 4.25–7 mm (0.167–0.276 in). The male femur 3 is strongly thickened. It has no basal protuberance. Tergites 2 and 3 have small, pale marks. Female tergites have similar markings, with ocellar triangle bluish-black, metallic sheen. Side margins of thorax dorsum are dusted. Side and hind margins of tergite 4 are not dusted. See references for determination.[3][4][5][6]

Habitat: Italy


The species is cosmopolitan except for the Afrotropical realm.[7][8] [9] It is found wherever there are flowers. It is anthropophilic, as occurring in farmland, suburban gardens and urban parks. Flies all year in southern regions.


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