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"SystemSoft" redirects here. For the American software company SystemSoft, see Preboot Execution Environment.
SystemSoft Alpha Corporation
Industry Computer and video games
Headquarters Japan

SystemSoft Alpha Corporation is a Japanese software development company.[1]

Formerly just "SystemSoft", they have a long series of mainly military strategic simulation games (generally hex-based) popular in the Japan market. Notable among these are the many Daisenryaku and Master of Monsters series games that have been ported to multiple platforms from PCs to consoles.

SystemSoft "Alpha" initially was to develop for all console based games such as Daisenryaku while the parent SystemSoft focused on Windows and Macintosh editions. Now the "SystemSoft" website focuses on more general software solutions outside of games, while SystemSoft Alpha is the game-making arm of the company. The main website for the game division, regardless of platform, is now SystemSoft Alpha, but "Alpha" still is not seen in the logo of the company on game boxes.

Only a handful of the dozens of games in their portfolio have ever been translated to make it to English-speaking markets, including two Master of Monsters games for the Sega Genesis and Sony PlayStation ("Disciples of Gaia"). Part of the reason for this is that the main platform for their games for almost a decade was the NEC PC-9801.

SystemSoft has produced many wargames that are from the perspective of the Japanese Military, circa World War II. These games fill a niche in the hex wargaming market that Japanese Military enthusiasts cannot expect from Western game developers who often portray the Japanese as the "enemy" in games, if at all. Similarly, if less controversial, is the guaranteed inclusion of the Japanese Self Defense Forces in modern wargames like the Daisenryaku series.



List / Chart of all games 1985-2002 (Japanese):[6]


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