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The term system may refer to:

  • System, a set of entities, real or abstract, comprising a whole
  • Meta-system, something composed of multiple smaller systems

In natural sciences[edit]

In social sciences[edit]

  • Economic system, covering the production and distribution of goods and services
  • Linguistic system, a conception of linguistics in the tradition of Ferdinand de Saussure, J. R. Firth, Louis Hjelmslev, Michael Halliday, Ruqaiya Hasan, and Jay Lemke
  • Social system, based on the interrelationships between individuals, groups, and institutions

In engineering[edit]

In information technology[edit]

  • Computer system, the combination of hardware and software which forms a complete, working computer. Computer systems will include the computer alongside any software (example: operating system, BIOS) and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function.
  • system, a C process control function in the C Standard Library used to execute subprocesses and commands
  • System (typeface), a raster font packaged with Microsoft Windows
  • The classic Mac OS versions 1 through 7 were known as "System 1" through "System 7", respectively; hence these OS versions may simply be called (the) System.

In music[edit]

In publications[edit]

  • System, a scientific journal devoted to the applications of educational technology and applied linguistics to problems of foreign language teaching and learning

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