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Bemani System 573 Digital with Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

The System 573 is a series of arcade system boards by Konami based on the original PlayStation. The hardware was used primarily for Konami's Bemani series of music video game arcades, most commonly the Dance Dance Revolution series introduced in 1998. The System 573 is available in two variants with analog and digital I/O boards, dubbed the Bemani System 573 Analog and Bemani System 573 Digital respectively, along with a third variant called the System 573 Satellite Terminal which allows for up to 8 cabinets to be networked to a central one.

The name of the board is rooted in Japanese wordplay; each number in Japanese can be read with a number of different names, with Konami's name being one of many possible readings for "five-seven-three."[1]

Technical specifications[edit]

  • Central processor: 33.8688 MHz MIPS R3000A RISC processor, 4KB cache
  • Memory: 2MB (main), 2MB (video), 512KB (sound)
  • Sound processor: PlayStation SPU, MAS 3507-D MPEG 1/2 decoder chip for decoding 573 Digital game audio.
  • Operating resolution: 256x224 & 740x480

List of System 573 games[edit]

System 573[edit]

Bemani System 573 Analog[edit]

Bemani System 573 Digital[edit]

System 573 Satellite Terminal[edit]

  • Monster Gate
  • Monster Gate 2
  • Monster Gate 3


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