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Sensor System
subsidiary of Honeywell Life Safety Group
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1984 (1984)
Headquarters St. Charles, Illinois, USA
Area served
Key people
John Hakanson
President Sensor System HLS
Products Fire detection and notification devices
Number of employees
Parent Honeywell International Inc.
Wallmount Horn / Light SpectrAlert

System Sensor is a company of St. Charles, Illinois, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of fire protection equipment. Sensor System is part of Honeywell Life Safety Group.[1]


Sensor System was founded in 1984 [2] Pittway by the Corporation to address the requirements of exclusive products industry fire alarm. In 1997, it introduced its SpectrAlert System Sensor notification appliance series. In 2006, System Sensor discontinued the SpectrAlert product line for the SpectrAlert Advance product line.[3] Sensor System was acquired by Honeywell in the 2000s and currently manufactures warning devices, smoke detectors, flow switches water systems and climate control.

Distribution Partners[edit]

Mircom is the largest private distribution partner Sensor System in the world.

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