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Industry Mass Transit and Rail
Founded 1957
Headquarters Paris
Number of locations
9 regions, 3500 contracts in 80 countries
Area served
Key people
Pierre Verzat (CEO), Elisabeth Borne (chairman of the Supervisory Board), Pierre Izard (deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Services Transportation planning, project management and oversight, consulting, urban and rail transport engineering
Revenue 623 Million €
Number of employees
MVA Hong Kong
SYSTRA Consulting
SYSTRA Dalco Elteknik
SYSTRA Scott Lister
SYSTRA JMP Consultants
SYSTRA SIAS Transport Planners

SYSTRA is an international engineering and consulting group specializing in rail (passenger and freight) and public transport. SYSTRA is known worldwide for its expertise in rail engineering, from light & mass transit rail to high speed rail. The equity of this limited company belongs to RATP, SNCF and French banks. It employees a staff of approximately 5,400 (2016). SYSTRA is present in 78 countries worldwide.

In December 2014, the American magazine ENR (Engineering News-Record) published its annual ratings for the world's 250 most important engineering companies. SYSTRA was awarded 2nd place, with 315.4 M$ in the international Mass Transit and Rail category.[1]


Santiago Metro, Chile
U-shaped Viaduct - Dubai
World speed record on rails

SYSTRA was formed from the merger of two engineering companies: SOFRERAIL, (French company for railway design and construction) created by SNCF in 1957, and SOFRETU (French company for the design and construction of urban transport), created in 1961 by RATP.

In June 2011, SYSTRA took over INEXIA, SNCF's engineering subsidiary, and XELIS, RATP's engineering subsidiary. This combination of skills from three firms has created France's number 1 public transport engineering company. It plays a leading role in the fields of high speed railways, the renovation of railway networks, automated metros and underground structures in complex urban environments. On July 1, 2012, the merger of SYSTRA, INEXIA and XELIS was confirmed.

SYSTRA has a number of subsidiaries, which constitute the Group: Canarail, MVA, SAI, etc.

SYSTRA also has a lot of branches all over the world: Systra US, Systra UK, Systra Algeria, Systra Morocco, Systra India, etc.

SYSTRA's Head Office in Paris

Some important events[edit]

  • 2017: Acquisitions of International Bridge Technologies (IBT)
  • 2016: Acquisitions of Dalco Elteknik AB (a Swedish engineering company specialising in railway systems), Scott Lister (an Australian company specialising in systems engineering and risk management for railway sector) and SIAS Transport Planners (a company based in Edinburgh and specialized in transport planning consultancy).
  • 2015: Systra has acquired JMP Consultants Ltd to strengthen its position in the UK market, by consolidating its consultancy services.
  • 14th of novembre, 2015: Eckwersheim derailment: 11 deaths and 42 injured in a test train while performing the last tests before opening the LGV Est high-speed rail line.
  • 2014: Systra reinforces its presence in India, through the acquisition of SAI, the Indian engineering company. SAI and SYSTRA India, the subsidiary founded in 2005, have complementary skills (environment, roads, town planning etc.).[2]
  • 2012: Merger of SYSTRA, INEXIA and XELIS [3]
  • 2012: Systra reinforces its presence in Korea through the acquisition of BnTech, the Korea engineering company, and the name has been changed as SYSTRA Korea.
  • 2011: Integration of INEXIA and XELIS
  • 2010: RFF (the French railway infrastructure manager) awards the 1st railway Public Private Partnership (PPP) to a consortium led by VINCI, which includes SYSTRA, to build the South Europe Atlantic High Speed Railway (LGV Sud Europe Atlantique)
  • 2007 SYSTRA takes part, alongside SNCF, in the world speed record on rails, which hit 574.8 km/h during operation V150
  • 1992 Creation of the SYSTRA S.A. GROUP / SOFRETU and SOFRERAIL come together
  • 1961 SOFRETU was created by RATP
  • 1957 SOFRERAIL was created by SNCF

Major projects[edit]

SYSTRA is famous, particularly for its contribution to the following major projects:


  • Santiago Metro: SYSTRA has been working there since 1968, has helped engineer all the lines and is currently conducting a technical assistance assignment for testing and commissioning two new automated metro lines, 3 & 6.
  • Makkah metro: SYSTRA designed this line, to facilitate the transport of 3.5 million pilgrims who gather in Makkah, 7 days a year for Hajj.
  • Baku metro: SYSTRA is in charge of engineering and has led design since 2009
  • Grand Paris Express: SYSTRA is involved in several aspects, including assistance to the owner for the red line and project management for the infrastructure of line 15 (red line) between Noisy-Champs and Villejuif Louis Aragon.
  • Belmopan metro: SYSTRA is assisting the owner (Department of Transport Belize) for budget, planning, design, supervision of construction.
  • Khartoum metro: SYSTRA is assisting the owner (Ministry of Transportation Sudan) for budget, planning, design, supervision of construction.
  • New York City Subway: SYSTRA has carried out project management assignments for East Side Access, a tunnel under the East River: budget, planning, design, supervision of construction.
  • Shanghai Metro: SYSTRA in 1999 for the overall planning of Shanghai Metro.
  • Bogotá Metro: SYSTRA was hired by major Enrique Peñalosa to determine and design the first line of the capital city.

Trams / Streetcars[edit]

  • Bordeaux tram: SYSTRA has been the engineer for the tram line since the start (1997), and throughout the three phases.
  • Besançon tram: SYSTRA assisted the owner throughout the whole project, and also managed the power supply, rolling stock and ticketing projects.
  • Casablanca tram: SYSTRA assisted the owner throughout the project;
  • Dubai – Al Safooh tram : SYSTRA is assisting the owner (Dubai Roads and Transport Authority).
  • Phnom Penh tram : SYSTRA is assisting the owner (Phnom Penh Municipal Government) for planning.

High speed railway[edit]

  • South Europe Atlantic HSR (LGV Sud Europe Atlantique): SYSTRA is the engineer in the LISEA consortium
  • East European HSR 2nd phase: SYSTRA is carrying out consultancy assignments for design, project management and work supervision
  • High Speed 1 (UK), Channel tunnel: SYSTRA performed consultancy assignments for design, project management, work supervision, testing and commissioning
  • Seoul- Busan High Speed Rail (Korea Train Express): SYSTRA is undertaking consultancy assignments for design, project management, work supervision, testing and commissioning


  • Electrification programme in Denmark: SYSTRA is doing consultancy work for the client Banedanmark.
  • North-South freight line (Saudi Arabia): SYSTRA is carrying out consultancy assignments for design, project management and work supervision.
  • Ligne du Haut-Bugey (France): SYSTRA performed consultancy assignments for design, project management, work supervision, testing and commissioning for RFF
  • Trans-Gabon freight line: SYSTRA carried out the preliminary studies and design of this 650 km line.


  • Project management
  • Preparatory studies (social-economical, environmental etc.)
  • Civil engineering (bridges, tunnels, stations etc.)
  • Systems engineering (signalling, telecommunications, electrification etc.)
  • Rolling-stock
  • Work supervision
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Operation & maintenance


SYSTRA holds the following patents:

  • U-shaped viaduct
  • Method and system to assist work train traffic



  • Centenary award awarded in 2013 by FIDIC for the Makkah – Mashaaer metro [4]
  • MEED transport project of the year (2011) awarded to SYSTRA & Parsons for the Dubai metro red line [5]
  • Safety Award 2010 (RTA – Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai): Prize awarded to SYSTRA – PARSONS for maintaining high standards of health, safety and environment.
  • Grand Prix National for engineering, awarded in 2008 by SYNTEC Ingénierie to Daniel DUTOIT (SYSTRA) for overall design and project management of the Dubai metro.[6]
  • Structural Awards 2008 presented to the St. Pancras International Station High Speed 1 project. The prize awarded to the RLE consortium (Arup, Bechtel, Halcrow, Systra) for the structural design of the buildings.


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