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Sytrus screenshot on Windows
Sytrus screenshot on Windows
Developer(s) Image-Line Software (International)
Written in Delphi
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Software synthesizer
License Proprietary
Old UI of Sytrus used before version 12.3 of FL Studio

Sytrus is a software synthesizer included in the music production program FL Studio. Image-Line also released its VSTi and DXi versions.



Sytrus uses a combination of subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, FM synthesis and ring modulation, thus allowing sounds produced to range from drum sets to organs. Sytrus provides a large number of adjustments and controls, including shape shifting, harmonics editing, EQ, a modulator (which can control almost any parameter), several filters, reverb, delay, unison, detune, etc. CPU usage widely varies, mainly depending on effect settings, number of oscillators, and their settings.[1] The second version of Sytrus (introduced with FL Studio 6), comes with an array of presets covering many types of sounds.[2] [3]

Easter eggs[edit]

When clicking on the Sytrus logo in "Show Info", the Hint Bar at the top says "Don't even think about it you fruit-clicking pervert!". After several more clicks, it will say, "Ok, fruit-clicking pays." At this stage, the modulator grid changes to green rather than the standard blue. Then, "There's nothing more, you know..." On New Year's Eve, in the status bar there shows up a label saying "Tonight don't forget to puke."[citation needed]

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