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Sytrus screenshot on Windows
Sytrus screenshot on Windows
Developer(s) Image-Line Software (International)
Written in Delphi
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Software synthesizer
License Proprietary
Old UI of Sytrus used before version 12.3 of FL Studio

Sytrus is a software synthesizer included in the Digital Audio Workstation FL Studio. Image-Line also released VSTi and DXi versions.



Sytrus uses a combination of subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, FM synthesis and ring modulation, thus allowing sounds produced to range from drum sets to organs. Sytrus provides a large number of adjustments and controls, including shape shifting, harmonics editing, EQ, a modulator (which can control almost any parameter), several filters, reverb, delay, unison, detune, etc. CPU usage widely varies, mainly depending on effect settings, number of oscillators, and their settings.[1] The second version of Sytrus (introduced with FL Studio 6), comes with an array of presets covering many types of sounds.[2] [3]

Easter eggs[edit]

When clicking on the Sytrus logo in "Show Info", the Hint Bar at the top says "Don't even think about it you fruit-clicking pervert!". After several more clicks, it will say, "Ok, fruit-clicking pays." At this stage, the modulator grid changes to green rather than the standard blue. Then, "There's nothing more, you know..."[citation needed]

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