Syzygy Darklock

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Syzygy Darklock
Syzygy Darklock.jpg
Syzygy Darklock
Publication information
PublisherMarvel/Epic, First, Malibu/Bravura
First appearanceThe Price (1981)
Created byJim Starlin
In-story information
Full nameSyzygy Darklock
Place of originAltarix
Team affiliationsDreadstar and Company

Syzygy Darklock is a fictional character in the space opera comic book series Dreadstar created by Jim Starlin.[1][2] He first appeared in the 1981 graphic novel The Price, which was originally published in black and white in Eclipse Graphic Album Series #5 (1981). It was reprinted, with colorized artwork, in Dreadstar Annual #1 (Marvel Comics, 1983). The graphic novel was repackaged one more time, with the addition of a Vanth Dreadstar story from Epic Illustrated #18, by Slave Labor Graphics.[3][4][5]

Character history[edit]


Darklock is a high bishop and assistant treasurer of the Instrumentality’s mystical order of Vieltoor, but abandons the priesthood because the fates have chosen him to take part in a more important quest. To prepare himself for this future labor, he seeks out and gains vast powers, but these powers cost him an eye, an arm, two legs and the woman he loved. Cybernetics replace four of his losses.

Darklock is sent by the fates to a planet called Caldor, there to meet and prepare Vanth Dreadstar for the day he will force peace on the two superpowers of the Empirical Galaxy, the Monarchy and the Instrumentality, who have been fighting each other in a war that has lasted for two hundred years.

Syzygy Darklock is a powerful sorcerer and one of the founding members of a team that originally included Vanth, the blind cybernetic telepath Willow, and the Catman Oedi. Together this team stops the war between the Instrumentality and the Monarchy, bringing peace to the Empirical Galaxy.

It would be fair to say that the acquisition of Syzygy's mystical powers killed him, destroying much of his material body. Only his strength of will keeps him functioning, and he maintains an illusion to those around him hiding his shattered body. There comes a point where Dreadstar sees Syzygy as he actually is, and begins to mention it. Syzygy cuts off Dreadstar's conversation, essentially warning Dreadstar that doubt could intrude on Syzygy's focused mindset, and could be undermine the willpower that keeps Syzygy functioning.

Syzygy dies after dispelling the returned dark gods of the Instrumentality.


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