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House of Széchy
Balogh nembeli Széchy.jpg
Parent house Genus Balog(h)
Country Kingdom of Hungary
Founded 13th century
Founder Ivánka
Final ruler István (Felsőlindva branch)
Péter (Rimaszécs branch)
  • Count Széchy de Rimaszécs
Dissolution 1535 (Felsőlindva branch)
1684 (Rimaszécs branch)
Cadet branches Felsőlindva branch
Rimaszécs branch

Széchy or Szécsi was a Hungarian noble family in the Kingdom of Hungary with notable members in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. The members of the Széchy family held high offices at the church and the royal court.[1] The family had two branches (the branch Széchy de Rimaszécs and branch Széchy de Felsőlindva). They family derived from the Balogh genus (clan) and their first names were Zech, Zechi, Zeechi according to the documents. The family came up from the beginning of the 13th. Documents justify that Joanka de genere Balogh lived in the era of Béla IV of Hungary.

Notable members of the family[edit]

Branch of Felsőlindva[edit]

Branch of Rimaszécs[edit]

  • Dénes I.

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