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This is a list of fictional characters from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Most of these characters have appeared in the multiple series of novels set in the Forgotten Realms. Many have some magical abilities.


Aballister Bonaduce[edit]

Aballister Bonaduce
Game information
Homeland Castle Trinity
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Wizard
Age Unknown, middle-aged
Setting Forgotten Realms

Aballister Bonaduce is the nemesis of his son Cadderly Bonaduce, the main character of R.A. Salvatore's The Cleric Quintet. Calculating, cold, and merciless, Aballister is determined to complete his conquest of the region. Guided by the goddess Talona, Mistress of Poison, Aballister creates The Chaos Curse and unleashes it upon The Edificant Library, home of Cadderly and his friends. Aballister's familiar is the imp Druzil, whom often holds the wizard in distaste. He is also the head of Castle Trinity, located north of the Edificant Library in the Snowflake Mountains.

Abdel Adrian[edit]

Abdel Adrian is the main protagonist in the Baldur's Gate series of novels. He is a male human Bhaalspawn and a mercenary warrior. He became tangled in the sinister plans of a number of other Bhaalspawn, as well as of Jon Irenicus, but emerged victorious.


Adon first appears in the 1989 novel Shadowdale by Scott Ciencin under the pseudonym of Richard Awlinson. He is the plain-looking only child of two beautiful, wealthy and devout followers of Sune. At 18, he became the youngest priest ever accepted into the clergy of Sune. After being assigned to the temple in Arabel, he met the adventurers Midnight, Kelemvor Lyonsbane, and Cyric, and joined them. The companions, set out on a quest to save the Lady of Mysteries, Mystra, who has been captured by the Lord of Strife Bane. Adon becomes wounded, leaving a long scar on the side of his face; disillusioned by the apparent lack of interest from Sune, he turns his back on her, refusing to worship so vain and uncaring a deity.[1]

In the novel Tantras, Adon met an avatar of the god Torm the True, with whom he works to trick the overly zealous clergy of Torm, who had brutally driven worshipers of all other faiths from the city and kept one of the two Tablets of Fate hidden from him. Torm and Bane defeat each other in a struggle over the city of Tantras, apparently killing both gods. Adon, Kelemvor and Midnight began their journey to take the one Tablet of Fate to the city of Waterdeep.[2]

At the end of the Avatar Crisis, in the novel Waterdeep, the Overgod Ao uplifts Midnight and Cyric to godhood, Midnight becoming the new Mystra. Adon finds his vision restored by the symbol of the new Mystra, his former friend and companion, and he takes up her worship, starting the reborn faith of Mystra.[3]

Adon first appeared in a Dungeons & Dragons game supplement in 1989's Hall of Heroes.[4]

In the 1993 novel Prince of Lies, Adon is tricked by the new god Cyric, mad due to the effects of reading the Cyrinishad, and gazes into Cyric's mind. This causes Adon to see everything as Cyric does, driving Adon mad himself, seeing Mystra as a vicious beast. Adon eventually commits suicide in the chaos of Cyric and Mystra's call to worship them.[5]

Adon appears again in the 1998 novel Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad. Cyric is placed on trial by the other greater gods, and Adon had Kelemvor open his own soul to him, making him see everything as the god of death sees it. Adon finally saw Mystra as she truly is, and was received to her realm of Dweomerheart.[6]

Akabar Bel Akash[edit]

Akabar Bel Akash first appeared in the novel Azure Bonds, written by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak. Akabar is a native from the southern lands of Turmish—a region of the Forgotten Realms roughly comparable in style and culture to the medieval Middle East.[citation needed] Initially, Akabar is conducting his affairs as a merchant but he also has training as a mage and inwardly yearns to prove himself as an adventurer. He is a sometimes companion to Alias of Westgate.


Akabar is a tall man with dusky skin and brown hair. He wears a mustache and a beard cut straight across the bottom. He has blue eyes, three dots tattooed on his forehead (marking him as a scholar of religion, reading, and magic), and a sapphire earring denoting that he is married.


Akabar describes himself as a mage "of no small water," though Alias refers to him constantly as a "greengrocer," or a dabbler in the art. His work shown in the first book would tend to bear out Alias' disparagement, though he is clearly far more advanced during the third book. He does not have a part in the events of the second book.

Akabar joined Alias almost from the first, being the one who reassured the ownership and clientele of the inn that Alias found herself in at the beginning of Azure Bonds that the unconscious woman was not a witch. His attempt to work a magic spell to confirm the origin of the blue tattoos resulted in a violent explosion of blue light. From much that point further, Akabar's destiny was ruled by that tattoo.

He worked alongside Alias's other companions to free her from those who masterminded her creation, and returned to his lands thereafter. Akabar's life was far from finished with regard to Alias, however. During the time between the end of Azure Bonds and the beginning of Song of the Saurials, Akabar met and married a third wife, Zhara, a priestess of Tymora. It is revealed shortly after her first appearance that she, too, is a clone of Alias.

Akabar is eventually taken by the dark god Moander, though he managed to retain his own will. In the end, his body overtaken by Moander's vines of possession, Akabar called to the gods he'd served through his life to take him into their hands, to teach Finder how an unselfish man dies.


Akar Kessel[edit]


Alaundo was the founder of Candlekeep, a long-dead prophet also known as the "sage of Candlekeep".[7] His prophecy played a prominent role in the Baldur's Gate series of video games.


Alias is a female warrior, who first appears in the novel Azure Bonds.

Fearing the loss of his artistic works, Finder Wyvernspur attempted to create a human vessel to contain and perform them as he intended, but he failed in his first attempts. Afterward, Cassana and Zrie Praxis unite with the Cult of Moander, the Fire Knives, and Phalse to create their own clone in Cassana's image, Alias. Unfortunately for them, she has a will of her own, and with the help of her "father" she breaks free to become completely self-aware. She plays a part in destroying her creators and eventually is recognized as a "real person".

Alicia Kendrick[edit]

Alicia Kendrick, born in 1345 DR, is the present High Queen of the Moonshae Isles, but this title could be disputed from 1375 with the leShay High Lady Ordalf, self-proclaimed queen of the Gwynneth isle.


Born in 1345, Princess Alicia was the eldest daughter of High King Tristran Kendrick and the druid Robyn. Groomed during her early years by the kingdom's arch-mage Keane, Alicia became an adventurer in 1365, during the events of the Druidhome Saga.

The Druidhome Saga[edit]

When her father had left on a trading voyage and her mother had fallen ill soon thereafter, it fell to Alicia to journey to Fairheight to investigate reports of a new Moonwell, the first one that had been known to appear in years. Together with her friends, Alicia managed to defeat the schemes of the current Earl of Fairheight and minions of Talos the Destroyer.

Malar the Beastlord had also loosed Ityak-Ortheel against the elves of Synnoria. Alicia and the elves went to battle the beast. Some of the elves fled through a gate to the elven realm of Evermeet, but more were trapped behind when the Elf-Eater destroyed the gate.

Alicia then made the journey to Evermeet and met with the elves there. With their help she was able to then rescue her father from the sahuagin.

Finally, an uprising of giants threatened the Isles as the forces of the evil Realmsian gods tried one more gambit to bring the Moonshaes under their sway. Throughout these events Alicia's sister, Deirdre, had become the pawn of these new gods, and it fell to Alicia to take the life of her only sister in order to save the Moonshaes for its people and the returned Earthmother.

After this latest threat to the Moonshaes was quelled, Alicia's mother announced her intent to retire and live the life of a serene and solitary druid. Robyn was joined by King Tristan, who bequeathed the leadership of the Isles to his daughter, who took Keane as her consort.


Aliisza is an Alu-Fiend of no small power from the War of the Spider Queen series of novels. She takes a romantic interest in Phaurun and constantly visits him. After his death she finds his pinkie finger and takes it with her. It's later revealed that she is pregnant with Phaurun's child.

Aoth Fezim[edit]

Aoth Fezim is a war mage and captain of the Griffon Legion of Thay. He is infected by spellplague, and he now lives a very long life and sees a little of the future and danger before it happens.

Aoth is of Mulan descent although he doesn't look like it with his blunt features and short, stocky frame. His body and hands show the intricate tattooing of a wizard. He wears badges revealing him as a rider of the elite Griffon Legion.

His weapons of choice are his falchion, which he carries strapped across his back, and his long spear that serves as warrior's lance and wizard's staff.

Aoth can summon a flare of silvery light from the head of his spear or a wall of violet flame. He has spells to sober himself on will. Aoth can enhance his nightvision through a spell and cast emerald darts from his fingertips. He can conjure darts of blue light from his fingertips that veer to compensate a victim's dodging movements and seldom miss their intended target. Aoth can also conjure a crackling, forking flare of lightning.

Aoth shares a special bond with his familiar, the griffon Brightwing and then Brightwing's grandson Jet. Through their psychic link he can use Brightwing's enhanced senses like his own. Because the purity of his bloodline was suspect, none of the orders of the Red Wizards of Thay had ever thought to recruit him.

Appears in The Haunted Lands Trilogy.

Araevin Teshurr[edit]

Araevin Teshurr is a sun elf of the ancient House of Floshin (the House of Long Silences). In his younger days in Faerûn (before he joined the wizards at Tower Reilloch) he formed the Company of the White Star with Grayth Holmfast (a human priest of Lathander), Baron Darthen Ironwright, Theleda Rost (now deceased), and the dwarf cleric of Moradin named Belmora (now deceased). Araevin also had a hawk familiar named Whyllwyst, whose cause of demise is not explained.

Araevin returned from Faerûn to join the wizards at Tower Reilloch, where he broadened his already vast knowledge of the arcane arts. During this time he became engaged to Ilsevele Miritar, daughter of Seiveril Miritar (a sun elf lord of Elion and a high priest of Corellon Larethian), but they decided to wait twenty years before getting married.

Around the time when the Dlaedrageths awoke from their ancient slumber, Araevin was two hundred and sixty-six years old. To find the Telkiira that led to the Nightstar, he returned to Faerûn with Ilsevele and attempted to reform the Company of the White Star. They were joined by Grayth, his apprentice Brant, and Maresa Rost (daughter of Theleda).

Ardenor Crush[edit]

Leader of The Chill, a hobgoblin mercenary group.[8] He is featured in the Forgotten Realms role-playing video game of Baldur's Gate.

Arilyn Moonblade[edit]

Arilyn Moonblade is a half-elven "assassin" (although not of any assassin class, and certainly not evil) introduced in the Songs and Swords series of novels by Elaine Cunningham. She has a very youthful appearance despite her age, and pointed ears, because of her elvish lineage, and a slender body and beautiful face, and intense blue eyes with flecks of gold. She was raised in Evereska, but due to her half-human nature she was never fully accepted by the elves. After her mother, princess Amnestria of Evermeet, daughter of queen Amlaruil, was killed, she takes up her mother's moonblade and studies swordsmanship at the academy in the city. Adopting the surname Moonblade because of her sword (she was unaware of her royal family and true surname) she becomes an assassin for the Harpers (a challenger-to-combat, calling targets out and defeating them in honorable, open combat, not stalking and killing them from concealment.) She eventually leaves the group after deeming a mission to rescue a noblewoman to not be worth pursuing. She later marries Danilo Thann and connects with her family on Evermeet. Arilyn's father is Bran Skorlsun, an influential Harper ranger with a personal grudge against Khelben Arunsun (who even eventually succeeded in driving Khelben from the Harper ranks.)

Arilyn's moonblade is a powerful magical hereditary elven sword, used to determine the ruling family of Evermeet, which kills any unsuitable wielders and binds its wielders to it in service of the elven people, even after death (though for a time she lifted the killing restriction for Danilo, binding him to it, as well. She eventually released him from this, as she did not wish to curse him with being bound to the sword even after death, as she will be.) The moonstone in the hilt enables each successive wielder, signified by magical sigils, to grant a power to the sword over a period of time. It can produce abnormally fast swings, warn of danger by glowing or through dreams, disguise the wielder, open the elfgate (a magical portal to the gardens in the palace of Evermeet) and call forth a shadow version of herself wielding the sword. Arilyn's mark grants the blade the ability to warn her of when the wild elves of the Wealdath have need of a hero's sword.

Arklem Greeth[edit]

Arklem Greeth is a lich that appears in the book The Pirate King. Arklem is a former Archmage Arcane of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan. He was single-handedly defeated, though not without trouble, by the wizard Robillard in the hull of a sinking Sea Sprite.

Artemis Entreri[edit]

Arumn Gardpeck[edit]

Arumn Gardpeck was first seen in Streams of Silver and later became more known in "The Spine of the World". He is a barkeeper that owns the Cutlass in the city of Luskan. As the barkeep in the Cutlass he served as a mentor and employer to Wulfgar. He also mentored a young woman, Delly Curtie, and employed her as a waitress.


Athrogate is a dwarven warrior of some repute in the Bloodstone Lands. Athrogate wears a broad belt depicted with metal lightning bolts which is rumored to be a belt of storm giant strength.

He has the stout and powerful build of a typical dwarf. He wears his black beard parted in the middle, two long braids of straight hair running down to mid-chest, each tied off at the end with a band set with a trio of sparkling blue gemstones. His bushy eyebrows nearly cover his brown, almost black eyes. He has large ears. Athrogate is well beyond 300 years old.

He wears a suit of armor, part leather, part plated, and covered with a myriad of buckles and straps, his twin morningstars tied in an "X" at his back, their handles reaching up and wide beyond the back of his bushy hair.

He speaks the goblin tongue though heavily accented.

He fights with twin gray Glassteel morningstars, their spiked metal heads whipping at the ends of adamantine chains. He calls these weapons Cracker and Whacker: on command the left-hand one of them, Cracker, emits a dark reddish and chalky fluid from the small nubs on the striking ball, the ichor of a rust monster, which on contact with other metal corrodes it. The right-hand morningstar, Whacker, coats itself with a clear, blue-gray and oily liquid known as oil of impact. Using thus enhanced weapons with first left then right strikes, Athrogate smashes anything from a portcullis to iron golems into rustflakes. He has faced Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri, both highly capable warriors, in single combat once.

He appears in books written by R.A. Salvatore.



The Baenre family name is used by a number of characters in the books of R.A. Salvatore.

House Baenre is a fictional clan of drow in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, created by R. A. Salvatore.

A family born to the drow race (a component of R. A. Salvatore's series Forgotten Realms, including several subseries) the Baenre family is the family which has reigned in the fictional Underdark city of Menzoberranzan for over 2000 years. House Baenre is a family of powerful schemers and manipulators that holds more power than any other house in Menzoberranzan.

Salvatore has made the Baenre family the bastion of power for his creation, Menzoberranzan, keeping it so for over 2,500 years. Fiercely devoted to the drow goddess Lolth, as all houses in the Menzoberranzan society are, House Baenre is led by Matron Mother Triel Baenre, a shrewd priestess of Lolth who succeeded her slain mother Yvonnel.

Menzoberranzan is a city ruled by backstabbing and ambition, and House Baenre thrived in it, holding the greatest favor of Lolth longer than any other family in Menzoberranzan history. As such, the family was successful at keeping hold of the prestige deceased Matron Mother Yvonnel Baenre succeeded in acquiring and continually supporting throughout her over 2,000-year reign.

Members of House Baenre[edit]

Other members of House Baenre[edit]

Andzrel, a cousin of Triel and the current weapons master of House Baenre, may be a mere shadow of Dantrag or Berg'inyon with his blade, but he knows his way around a melee.

Bladen'Kerst, daughter of Yvonnel Baenre and second eldest to Triel. Sadistic, unpredictable and uncontrollable, she was slain by Gandalug Battlehammer during the invasion of Mithril Hall.

Doquaio Secondboy of Yvonnel Baenre. Killed at the sacrificial birth ceremony of third son Jarlaxle. Yvonnel tried to sacrifice Jarlaxle to Lady Lolth but failed due to the telekinetic interference of House Oblodra. Doquaio died when he picked up Jarlaxle and all the stabbings of Yvonnel flowed into him through the kinetic barrier.

Grendan, a 10th year student of Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen, known for being good with illusions. He is involved with Noori.

Jeggred, a draegloth, stands by his mother Triel's side as bodyguard, and in the face of Lolth's Silence, has joined his aunt Quenthel in her search. He kills Ryld Argith (as ordered by Danifae) and is eventually sacrificed by Quenthel to the reincarnated Lolth.

Julani, a Master of Evocation, stationed at Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen. He was killed during the events of the novel Extinction, when several Baenre mages tried to cast spells on an enemy, only to have them reflected back upon themselves.

Merith, a psychotic ex-commoner, was adopted for her clerical talent. Arguably as sadistic as the late Bladen'kerst, she knows nothing of intrigue and protocol.

Nauzhror, Triel's first cousin once removed. He is pudgy and a Master of Sorcere who sports a large beard, grown with a hair growth cantrip. He was Archmage during Gromph's brief absence.

Noori, a female 10th year student of Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen. Noted by Gromph to have abandoned priesthood, despite being high-born, in order to study divination magic. Grendan is her lover.

Prath, a student of Sorcere and a nephew and apprentice of Gromph.

Sos'Umptu, the quiet and unambitious sister of Triel and Quenthel, tends the Baenre chapel.

Tiago, the impulsive, hot-headed, domineering grandson of Dantrag Baenre, he wields a magical sword and shield forged my master blacksmith Gol'fannin in the primordial fires of Gauntlgrym, re-christened "Q'Xorlarrin", and lives for the day when he meets Drizzt face-to-face in mortal combat.

Vendes, the now-deceased daughter of Yvonnel Baenre. Vendes was the House's master torturer, and earned the nickname "duk'tak" (unholy executioner). After she finished with her victims they were turned to stone and displayed around the house. Drizzt Do'urden killed her while escaping from House Baenre's captivity.

Vrellin, One of Triel's nephews. Unusual for the fact that he wears no armor in battle, only a hand crossbow strapped to his left wrist, loaded with magical, exploding bolts.

Zal'therra is a priestess and Triel's cousin. She also commands the Army of the Black Spider.

Zoran, a 2nd year Sorcere student during the War of the Spider Queen. Noted by Gromph as being unreliable and prone to making mistakes.

Bareris Anskuld[edit]

Bareris Anskuld is a human bard, later undead. As a bard he worshippes Oghma and Milil. He appears in The Haunted Lands trilogy.

Though Bareris is truly Thayan, he stopped shaving the wheat blonde hair from his head. He can move with a duelist's catlike grace.

Bareris weapon of choice is the sword swinging at his hip in a worn leather scabbard and, in a way, the silver-stringed yarting slung across his back. He also carries a small dagger.

Bareris later gives his yarting to a band of gnolls as fee for their help in his pursuit of Tammith' captors.

By singing a quick phrase and sketching an arcane figure in the air with a free hand, he can call forth a plume of noxious vapor to cloud an opponent. He can also sing a floating orb of light into being to light his way.

He is killed in battle against Szass Tam.


Belhifet is a balor, one of the most powerful classes of demons. He is the antagonist of the Black Isle role-playing video game Icewind Dale, voiced by David Ogden Stiers.

In the events of the Icewind Dale story, Belhifet seeks to conquer the home plane from which he was banished. To do this, he assembles an army, in order to conquer Easthaven and re-open a nearby portal to the Abyss. He is confronted by the player, but manages to flee and, in the process, capture Easthaven in preparation for opening the portal. The player then penetrates the crystal tower surrounding the temple and defeat Belhifet before the gate is opened. According to the story, Belhifet is banished to the Abyss, not killed. He would not be able to walk Faerun again for a hundred years afterwards.

In the story of Icewind Dale II, the legacy of Belhifet continues. During his time on Faerun, Belhifet managed to impregnate the elf Ilmadia, who gave birth to daemonfey twins, Isair and Madae.

Belwar Dissengulp[edit]

Belwar Dissengulp, a close friend of dark elf ranger Drizzt Do'Urden, appears in four novels set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. His first appearance is in Homeland, the first book of the Dark Elf Trilogy, and he reappears in Exile, the second book in the trilogy, as well as Starless Night and Siege of Darkness, both part of the Legacy of the Drow quartet. He belongs to a race called svirfneblin (deep gnome) and lived in the Underdark city Blingdenstone until its destruction by the drow and their demonic allies as revenge for their alliance with Drizzt to defend Mithral Hall.

According to the campaign settings book "Silver Marches" after Blingdenstone's destruction, he led some survivors to Mithral Hall.

Berg'inyon Baenre[edit]

Berg'inyon, the youngest son to Yvonnel, is a fighter of great prowess, outmatched only by Drizzt Do'Urden, Artemis Entreri, and his elder brother Dantrag Baenre. He is described as a typical drow with high ambitions and no sense of morality. Berg'inyon, along with Kelnozz of Kenafin, is introduced as a classmate of Drizzt in Melee Magthere, where he is constantly ranked below Drizzt, much to his dismay and to his mother's anger. After graduating Melee Magthere, he commands House Baenre's lizard riders, and after the death of Dantrag, becomes weapons master as well. After the drow retreat from their assault on Mithral Hall, due to the instability that would likely plague House Baenre after the disastrous failed conquest of Mithral Hall (and the likelihood that Triel would soon give birth to a son she would groom to replace Berg'inyon as the weapons master, which among the drow would likely mean Berg'inyon's death), Berg'inyon chooses to accept Jarlaxle's offer to join Bregan D'aerthe as a lieutenant of the renegade drow band. When Crenshinibon begins to cloud Jarlaxle's judgment, he joins Rai-guy Bondalek, and Kimmuriel Oblodra in their attempt to usurp control of Bregan D'aerthe, but in the ensuing conflict Berg'inyon faces off against Artemis Entreri in single combat due to Berg'inyon's desire to fight the one considered Drizzt's equal; however, Entreri proves to be more skilled than Berg'inyon and slays him.

Briza Do'Urden[edit]

Briza Do'Urden was the oldest of three daughters of Matron Malice Do'Urden. A powerful priestess of Lolth, she was angry and brutal, and she always punished infractions quickly. She killed her mother, Malice Do'Urden when she learned that her mother Malice had not successfully completed Zin-Carla, the highest gift of Lolth (Drizzt refers to it as Lolth's greatest lie). She had little time to savor her power, for house Do'Urden was attacked immediately after by house Baenre. She was the last Matron Mother of House Do'Urden, even if only for a few moments, in the comics Jarlaxle killed her himself, stating that he never liked her to begin with. In the books her killer is unknown.


Cadderly Bonaduce[edit]

Cadderly Bonaduce is the title protagonist of The Cleric Quintet series by R.A. Salvatore and a minor character in the Drizzt Saga. He is a priest and a Chosen of Deneir, God of Literature and All Images.


The character was created specially for Cleric Quintet, after six Drizzt books were completed – as Salvatore wrote in his introduction, "We were done with Drizzt. Or at least, we thought we were". The new protagonist was originally planned to be a monk, but it rejected due to changes in Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, where the class of monks was absent. Mary Kirchoff proposed that the protagonist should be a cleric. Salvatore invented a concept of spiritual journey for his character, who initially treats his religion as just a lifestyle, but gradually becomes more tied to his god, Deneir.[9]


Standing 6 feet tall and weighing a bit less than 200 pounds, Cadderly is a man in his early-20s with striking gray eyes and curly brown hair. He is handsome and has a sincere, warm smile on his boyish face. If he is angered, his glare can be unrelenting. Near the end of the series, a new cathedral called 'The Spirit Soaring' was being constructed. Cadderly channeled the power of his god to help the construction. This caused him to age rapidly. By the time the church was completed, his body was as that of a 100-year-old man. But as a reward from Deneir, over the course of several years, Cadderly had gradually returned to his normal age. Years later he was said to look younger than his 22 year old son.


As he was growing up at the Edificant Library in the Snowflake Mountains, Cadderly was a likable young man who was intensely curious about life, living, and things unusual. He was not particularly interested in learning spells or combat techniques; however he is quite good at wrestling. Now Cadderly is a changed person. He is so serious about being the Chosen of Deneir that he has made it his foremost commitment, greater even than that to his beloved Danica. He is still warm and gentle, and horrified by death and destruction, although his experiences have tempered this trait. For example, while he had nightmares about killing the priest who unleashed the chaos curse, he does not give the death of his father or the destruction of the vampire Kierkan Rufo a second thought. Cadderly believes in justice tempered with mercy, as evidenced by when the wizardess Dorigen was helpless before him. She had caused great destruction and his friends urged him to kill her, but the young priest could not. He broke her fingers with his walking stick instead, so that she could not cast spells. His act of compassion would prove to be for the better, as Dorigen later became a powerful ally and friend. Only the threat of the most potent evil can distract Cadderly from his task of completing the Spirit Soaring. He works hard at it and does not say much. Those who are evil or who have evil intentions, however, will be noticed. One of Cadderly's abilities is to see images on the shoulders of people; these images replicate the thoughts and desires of their owner. Hence an assassin will be seen as having devilish, snapping beings with dripping, wicked black claws. A man who is thinking about his beloved wife will be seen as having an image of a happy lady cuddling their child.


Cadderly never intended to become embroiled in combat as a priest of Deneir. His spindle-disks, essentially primitive Yo-Yo's used as weapons, which he crafted after reading about in an old book, were originally intended for amusement. Similarly, his crossbow armed with Oil of Impact darts was meant to be used for blasting obstacles rather than for combat. The course of his adventures, however, made fighting a necessity.

When he fought, he preferred to let allies who had a better grasp of strategy and tactics do their thing. This is not to say that he was a coward. He could use his spindle-disks to disarm or incapacitate opponents, and against undead he did not hesitate to use his explosive darts. When he killed the evil priest Barjin with a dart, it was an accident, and one that preyed on Cadderly's mind for a long time. As he got more experienced, Cadderly was forced more often to resort to melee weapons, such as his magical ram-headed walking stick.

Eventually his connection with Deneir became so powerful that spells became his most potent weapon. As the Chosen of the Father of All Literature and Image, Cadderly does not need to acquire magic in conventional ways such as praying in advance. Through the Song of Universal Harmony, he can access any spell he so chooses at the casting time. He has faced foes such as drow, vampires, greater demons, ancient dragons (on two occasions), even evil artifacts such as Crenshinibon and Ghearufu, yet each time emerged victorious.

Magical Items[edit]

Cadderly's ram-headed walking stick was a multipurpose magical weapon. The head was made of silver and it served well in melee combat as a bo stick, or he can remove the ram-head end and use the hollow stick as a blowgun. It has been magically enchanted by a wizard friend of his; a blow with it can have bone-shattering results. The walking stick was destroyed, but could easily have been replaced. His bandolier holds a maximum of 50 unusual crossbow bolts: darts with a small vial of explosive Oil of Impact inside each one, constructed so that the vial is crushed and the oil explodes when the dart hits a target. Cadderly also has a tube with a continual light spell cast on a glass disk inside of it. An adjustable closure on one end of the tube allows him to focus the light into a narrow beam or expand it to brighten a large area (an invention of Cadderly's, a magic-based flashlight).


Cadderly was the son of Aballister Bonaduce and an unknown mother. Aballister was a highly talented wizard, but also obsessed, and held an unhealthy interest in dark magic. He drove his power to its limits, and his limits of control. One day, he finally went too far; he conjured a Mordenkainen's Sword that killed his wife and was driven from the then Edificant Library. Cadderly remembers his mother's face, but almost nothing else, including her name. The Headmaster, Avery, took Cadderly under his wing, being like a foster father to him. The Headmistress of the Deneir order, Pertelope, being like a foster mother to him. Thus Cadderly lived a carefree life at Edificant Library for his childhood.

Now almost twenty years later came the Time of Troubles (1358 DR), and Cadderly's father Aballister encountered the avatar of the Goddess Talona, who gave to him the name of an imp of the abyss, Druzil, and told Aballister that he had information that would grant him great power. She was referring to the potion called the chaos curse (the Ultimate Poison), a recipe Druzil had found in an ancient tome while in the abyss. It became his obsession to create the potion to please Talona and grant him the ability to conquer the region. Aballister spent two years gathering ingredients for the potion, sacrificing many lives in his quest[citation needed]. When completed, after testing it on a member of the fighters sect of castle trinity (who then became enraged and challenged the leader of the sect in an unbelievable rage, and continued fighting even after his brain had been skewered with a dirk through the top of his skull; he ultimately lost the fight) he named it Tuanta Quiro Miancay, translated meaning the Most Fatal Horror, the title of the highest priest of Talona, mostly as an insult to Barjin, his primary rival in the priest sect of castle trinity, ranking the potion above the priest himself in Talona's eyes.

When the potion was concocted, the chief priest of the evil Castle Trinity, Barjin, demanded the right to strike with the potion. After placing a clerical spell upon the bottle that made it impossible for someone who is not innocent to open it, he brought it to The Edificant Library and tricked Cadderly into opening it. He placed it in the cellars of the Edificant Library, where its vapors spread throughout the library, causing those inside to act without inhibition coupled with a Suggestion (magical charm) for each person to act on his or her most secret desire.

Barjin made his way to the catacombs of the Edificant Library and loosed the potion. This caused an invisible mist to seep upward, affecting all of the library's residents and visitors, causing them to indulge in their most audacious fantasies. It took the combined efforts of Cadderly, Danica, the Bouldershoulder brothers, and a heroic druid named Newander to destroy Barjin and a host of undead that he had summoned to guard the cursed bottle. The bottle was neutralized by immersing it in holy water and warding it against further intrusion. In the final battle against Barjin, Cadderly accidentally killed the evil priest with a crossbow bolt anointed with Oil of Impact from his hand crossbow (which was a re-invention of his from the design of a drow hand crossbow). Due to Cadderly's innocent nature, the accidental murder brought him much guilt and inner turmoil which took him a great deal of time to resolve.

Later on after Cadderly, Danica, Ivan and Pikel saved the elf kingdom Shilmista, they go their own ways, Danica, Ivan and Pikel to the Edificant Library, and Cadderly to Carradoon where the Night Masks( Book : Night Masks ) attempt to assassinate him. Several events take place where Rufo betrays his companions on three separate occasions, the third that costs the life of Avery Schell (Cadderly's mentor, and essentially his surrogate father). After Cadderly learns of the betrayal costing the life of Avery, he curses Rufo with a mark of Deneir: a symbol of a broken candle above a closed eye, a variation of the holy symbol of Deneir. This brand caused a terrible smell. Rufo is informed that any attempt to cover the mark will cause it to burn through his skull until he is dead. Cadderly then follows the events and kills Aballister. Druzil, after feeling the pain of Aballister's death, stumbles upon Rufo and convinces him to return to the Edificant Library, telling him the chaos curse will give him power. Druzil unthinkingly called the mix a 'potion' and Rufo imbibed the potion and began vomiting up his blood until he was dead. He rises as a Master Vampire several days later, empowered by the potion as its personification: Tuanta Quiro Miancay, The Most Fatal Horror. He kills nearly everyone in the Edificant Library until Cadderly returns. After several encounters in which there is no clear winner, Cadderly finally rids the Edificant Library of the Chaos Curse, Rufo, and his minions. The Edificant Library is permanently desecrated. Cadderly calls upon Deneir and destroys the library, after retrieving all of the irreplaceable books and artifacts, and over the course of 5 years, creates The Spirit Soaring.

Following the defeat of Barjin, Aballister's position in Castle Trinity was unchallenged. Aballister at first had mixed feelings about Barjin attacking the library, presumably at least in part because of his son's residence there, but as Cadderly grew in power and as a direct opponent to his own plans, Aballister became increasingly enraged with him as he became more and more of a threat.

Cadderly was filled with remorse and revulsion after killing Barjin and for a time showed an aversion to any killing whatsoever, even of enemies. As he and his companions routed a major offensive by the armies of Castle Trinity in the elven wood of Shilmista he grappled with the moral questions that plagued him, choosing not to kill the powerful sorceress Dorigen, who had accompanied the evil host's assault, when he had the chance. Instead he merely stripped her of her magical items and broke her fingers to prevent her from performing the gestures that accompany most spellcasting.

Never one who was overly concerned with the rituals or magical spellcasting of his order, Cadderly became ever more confused as new powers began to assert themselves to him in the battle for the elven home. After the battle was over, Cadderly left the forest to explore some of the questions assaulting him, and began to find his answers in the Tome of Universal Harmony, the holy book of his order, that of the god Deneir. While Cadderly's lax attitude toward the rituals of his order earned him much disapproval within the library's structured hierarchy, Deneir apparently approved of Cadderly's ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-inventing nature, and had made him one of his Chosen. By continually reading from the tome, Cadderly began to tap into the raw power of Deneir, which came in the form of a constantly flowing melody in his mind, which he was able to access, first by singing along with it, and eventually by running it through his mind.

Becoming increasingly concerned with the threat Cadderly posed to his plans, Aballister hired a savage and efficient band of assassins to kill him, to Dorigen's horror. As he and his friends dealt with the assassins, known as the Night Masks, after his life, Cadderly grew more and more in tune with the song of his god, and similarly grew in power, eventually killing nearly all of the assassin band, including an assassin named Ghost who would possess his victims using a powerful and evil magical device known as the Ghearufu. In so doing they freed from Ghost's possession a Firbolg named Vander who joined with them to exact vengeance and lead them to Castle Trinity.

Making a stop back at the Edificant Library before proceeding in his quest to take on Aballister and Castle Trinity, Cadderly met with his mentor, who encouraged him that his path was the correct one. This, combined with his increasing faith in Deneir, as well as his own powers, led him to the drastic action of magically dominating the mind of the library's dean to prevent him from interfering with Cadderly's course. He decides also to take with him the Ghearufu, knowing that it must be destroyed rather than to risk the library's scholars from studying the evil artifact and being unable to resist its temptations.

Crenshinibon is the true name of the crystal shard, first mentioned in R.A. Salavatore's "The Crystal Shard". Cadderly first learned of the artifact when Drizzt Do'Urden came to the Spirit Soaring in search of a priest, hoping to learn the whereabouts of his father Zaknafein. Cadderly assisted Drizzt by dragging the name of Errtu from his old enemy Druzil. After learning about Crenshinibon, the priest agreed that he would locate a way to destroy it in the event that Drizzt could bring it to him. However, it was later taken from Drizzt by Jarlaxle, leader of the drow mercenary band, Bregan D'aerthe.

Ironically, two of the major villains, Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri, took the Crystal Shard to Cadderly, and asked it to be destroyed. At first, Cadderly and Danica just wanted Entreri to hand the Crystal Shard over, but he claimed he is the only one that he knows can ignore the call of Crenshinibon. Together with Pikel, Ivan, Danica, Jarlaxle, and Entreri, the six formed a most unlikely temporary alliance, and bore Crenshinibon to the dragon Hephaestus to be destroyed by its breath. They also needed Jarlaxle because the sentient artifact had to be engulfed completely in a magical darkness, and then burned by the fire of an ancient and powerful Red Dragon. The dragon, of course, was not so easily manipulated, and at the same time, Jarlaxle's former mercenary underlings, Rai-Guy Teyachumet, from Ched Nasad, along with Berg'inyon Baenre and Kimmuriel Oblodra, both from Menzoberranzan, also wanted the shard. In the end, Artemis Entreri killed Berg'inyon, and, while Rai-Guy held the shard, he and an Ilithid, Yharaskrik, who had secretly been in league with Kimmuriel to destroy the evil artifact, were engulfed by a globe of darkness, created by Jarlaxle, and so, Rai-Guy and Yharaskrik were brutally burned, and Crenshinibon was destroyed, when Hephaestus blew his mighty fire. Subsequently, Hephaestus was blinded by the release of magical power that occurred when Crenshinibon was destroyed. After the fall of Mystra's Weave, the joining of Yharashrik, Hephaestus, and the liches of Crenshinibon into the Ghost King dracolich occurred. After Drizzt and Cadderly, gifted with divine magics of an unknown source but supposedly Deneir who is trapped in the breaking Weave, strike the Ghost King a blow that forces it to return to the Plane of Shadows, Cadderly uses Catti-brie as a conduit to the realm and fights the Ghost King, defeating the sentient force in the Plane, while absorbing its essence. To protect from the return of the dracolich, each night Cadderly as the new Ghost King circles Spirit Soaring in eternal service, creating an entire circuit many times each night, sustaining only until the next night, to keep the planar opening between the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Shadows blocked and the dracolich trapped and unable to leave the area, though it has not returned yet.

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Captain Deudermont[edit]

Captain Deudermont commands the ship Sea Sprite, and is a tall, refined man. By his look, you would expect to find him amongst the Lords and Ladies during his shore time, but he cares about his crew. He typically spends his time keeping an eye on them, and making sure they stayed out of trouble. He features in novels by R.A. Salvatore.

Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar first met him in Waterdeep when they were trying to secure passage to Calimishan looking for Regis. Several years later, Drizzt and Catti-Brie spent many years as part of Deudermont's crew. While being escorted by Drizzt and Catti-Brie, he is attacked by a doppelganger that attempts to take his place as the captain of his ship.

Deudermont is almost unshakeably loyal to his crew, and expects that loyalty in return. When Drizzt arrives to sail with the Sea Sprite, it's under a mask which gives him the appearance of a surface elf. When Drizzt becomes unmasked during a battle Deudermont and his crew accept him with little hesitation seeing his true character. In Spine of The World Deudermont is nearly killed in an assassination attempt, in which Wulfgar is blamed. He survives however and speaks to free Wulfgar.

Deudermont returns to action in The Pirate King where he attempts to eliminate the corruption found in Luskan at the hands of pirates and, most notably, Arklem Greeth, the lich who controls the Hosttower of the Arcane, aiding in their destruction only to have the high captains stage an attack on those loyal to his claim as governor of Luskan. Deudermont ultimately finds his end during the battle for the city against the high captains, killed by the most powerful, Kensidan, who uses his cloak to turn into a large crow with razor sharp talons and beak, and strikes a fatal blow before the pirate Maimun came to stop Kensidan from finishing the captain off. Though Maimun attempted to console the captain for what he believed damning choices made he had made for Luskan and its people, he ultimately dies with regret and guilt.


Cireka is a character in Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. She is the general of a Githyanki army who wishes to take over the realms. She uses a powerful sword that can transport matter between planes. Ygorl wishes to take this sword from her. Little is known about the history of this character.


Companions of the Hall[edit]

The Companions of the Hall are created by R.A. Salvatore, and include Bruenor Battlehammer, Cattie-Brie, Drizzt Do'Urden, Regis, Wulfgar, and Guenhwyvar.


Danica Maupoissant[edit]

Danica Maupoissant is a monk, and was created by author R.A. Salvatore.

Danica has an unruly mop of strawberry blonde hair and soft brown almond-shaped eyes, the heritage of her oriental mother. She has a merry, twinkling smile. Standing only 5 feet tall and weighing just 100 pounds, she does not appear much of a threat. Those who have failed to notice her well-toned muscles have discovered otherwise.

Danica is an interesting personality mix. She is quite rigid and lawful, as she must be to follow the disciplined training of Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn. And she absolutely loathes things that are evil, yet she also has a strong streak of independence and ruthlessness. It was Danica who urged Cadderly to kill the sorceress Dorigen when she was down and helpless, and who was upset when Cadderly did not do so. She wants to be loved by Cadderly as much as she loves him. Although she is physically attracted to him, she loves him most not for his appearance, but for the warmth of his heart and the truth of his soul. Unfortunately for her, it is those same qualities that have prompted Cadderly to devote his life to building his cathedral. He has elected to serve his deity before all other goals, including her. She respects his decision, but nonetheless feels a grievous sense of loss in her own life. If someone can befriend Danica, he will find no one more loyal or trusting. But she expects the same loyalty in return, and will deck a double-crosser without a second thought.

Danica begins each morning with a series of stretching exercises and meditative techniques that clears her mind. If someone needs a shave, she can pull out her twin crystal daggers and whirl about in a series of fast, whipping motions that neatly slices off all stubble without a trace of bleeding.

She has mixed feelings about the use of magic. Any magic that is used to control another being absolutely horrifies her. On the other hand, when Cadderly cast wind walk on her, she found the experience exhilarating and laughed like a schoolgirl. Someone who offers to cast a fly spell or similar magic on Danica could gain her favor quickly. Someone who gives her a magical item that enables her to fly could win a friend for life.

In combat Danica is occasionally reckless, charging forward with abandon. Sometimes she laughs and shrieks, "There are only ten of them!" or something similar. It is unknown whether this is to embolden herself or to unnerve her enemies (or perhaps both). What is certain is that she can throw her enchanted daggers on the run and then get embroiled in melee with a whirling array of circle kicks, high kicks, back kicks, elbow smashes, and forceful hacks with the heels and sides of her hands. She can jab a finger into the limb of an opponent and paralyze it. This is known as "Withering Touch". Using her hands and feet is her preferred mode of combat, but against more powerful opponents, such as undead, she uses her enchanted crystal daggers.

Even if prone, she can lash out with a vicious kick and spring to her feet in a flash. Foes using ranged weapons against her can get frustrated, as she can easily slap aside arrows, bolts, spears, and other missiles as long as she can see them coming.

She has the monk skill of 'iron skull' which allows her to break a large block of solid stone using her head—she once shattered an ogre's ribcage by imagining it as a stone block.

Her mastery of the monk's arts has long since been taken to what she saw as the ultimate expression of personal control—the ability to suspend one's own animation, without magical aid of any sort, and then revive at will.

Danica was raised (in her early years) in Westgate, the daughter of a wagoneer and his wife of Eastern ancestry. Her parents were killed however by Night Masks assassins, and Danica underwent tutelage in combat arts under a disciple of Penpahg D'Ahn, and eventually found herself at the Edificant Library as well beside Cadderly Bonaduce to complete her training through the texts of the venerated master.

Danica and Cadderly were in love almost from first sight, and consummated their love after the battle of Shilmista Forest when Cadderly arrived in Carradoon. Cadderly had left the war to find his own answers, and Danica quickly came after him. After a series of battles with the Night Masks, she joined him in seeking out Castle Trinity, source of the evil chaos curse. Facing magical monsters, the red dragon Fyrentennimar, and the soldiers of the castle, Danica accompanied Cadderly up until his confrontation with his father, Aballister Bonaduce.

Returning to the Edificant Library, Danica found it under the control of Kierkan Rufo, who had become a vampire by ingesting the liquid form of the chaos curse. Beaten by Rufo and his undead horde, she was taken prisoner. Rufo attempted to turn her into his queen, but she was able to escape his thirst for blood by employing the ultimate technique of Penpahg D'Ahn: suspended animation. Sadly, Danica was then forced to watch for five years as Cadderly gave up his own life force to construct the Spirit Soaring cathedral, making him an old man. Her only comfort was that she conceived and bore twins during this time. Another bright side was that as time went on, she became pregnant again as Cadderly began growing younger again.

Catti-brie found a kindred spirit in Danica when she and Drizzt Do'Urden came to the Spirit Soaring in search of Cadderly, needing his power to commune with the demon Errtu. The two talked, and became quite friendly before Catti-brie was forced to leave. Still later, Danica accompanied Cadderly on his quest to destroy Crenshinibon. She found a natural anti-thesis in the form of Artemis Entreri, who was in the company of Jarlaxle Baenre. After a grueling battle against both the red dragon Hephestus and the drow band Bregan D'aerthe, they succeeded, but shortly thereafter parted ways.

Danilo Thann[edit]

Danilo Thann was created by author Elaine Cunningham in the Song and Swords series of novels. He is often portrayed as an inept dandy, bard and nobleman that blunders into the most inopportune situations. However, in reality, he is a skilled magician and a crafty adversary, trained by none other than Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun himself.


Danilo is a young (below thirty winters, during the events of Elfsong) Waterdhavian nobleman, and aspiring bard. At six feet tall, he stands about three inches taller than Arilyn Moonblade (as stated in Elfsong.) He has wavy shoulder-length pale blond hair. However, even among the nobles, Danilo's choice of clothing is considered "extravagantly ridiculous". He commonly wears clothes that suit his theme as a dandy and dilettante – from suits of purple which Arilyn Moonblade says make him look like a "walking grape", to the "Ruathym Adventurer garb" he once wore. Whatever he wears, he can consistently be found wearing the height of fashion among the nobles of Waterdeep. In addition, he carries a complete wardrobe's worth of clothing in his bag of holding, as well as "enough jewelry to bedeck a harem".


Danilo, when faced by the public, acts like a complete fool. There are moments of intelligence within his mask as a dandy, but very few notice the truth of the matter. Danilo, despite his canny intelligence and skill in subterfuge – is actually quite reckless, a fact brought to because of his alternate "dandy" ego (this is evidenced through his naughty pranks and reckless magical experiments). There are times when Danilo completely forgets his true self and fully reverts into the comfortable guise of the fool. However, when faced with the truly important, Danilo becomes a serious and calculating genius, and a very dangerous adversary.

Talents and abilities[edit]

In 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons game terms, Danilo is rated as a 3rd-level aristocrat/9th-level wizard/1st-level spellsinger. Danilo is a very skilled magician, one whom Khelben had considered his probable heir and his apprentice with the most potential. His skill with magic is such that he mastered the art of Spellsong in just a few days, he was able to charm a magically resistant dragon to slumber, and his illusionary pranks that get his uncle Khelben each time. His magical skills include prismatic displays of light, fireballs, spells of invisibility, scrying and various charm spells.

Aside from his magic, Danilo is also well versed with subterfuge, disguise, and manipulation. Although less of a pragmatist than his Uncle Khelben, Danilo is still skilled in manipulating the political and social threads in any given situation. His degree of expertise is as such that when he engaged the crime lord Elaith Craulnober in a verbal sparring match – it ended as a draw. His skill may arguably be even better than a drow's – since he once tricked the drow princess, Liriel Baenre (crafty even among her people) into revealing more than she wished to.


Danilo Thann was always considered the "young dandy" in the house of Thann – as such, even his mother and father never takes him seriously. Despite this reputation, Danilo has been trained by several bardic tutors around the world, one for each bardic tradition. He has also been secretly trained by his uncle, Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.

To the public, Danilo is a novice mage who never seemed to have progressed past some parlor tricks to amuse the nobility – and well known for many unintentional magical mishaps. The truth of the matter, however, is he is an extremely capable wizard – enough to make Khelben consider him as his most promising apprentice. He maintains the facade as a court dandy as a means to let others underestimate his abilities – thus he hears more information, and becomes a greater agent/informant for the Harpers.

During the events of the Harper Assassin in the novel, Elfshadow, Danilo met the half-elven adventurer Arilyn Moonblade – inflicted by the unfortunate label of "assassin". Initially accepting the mission due to Arilyn's unsurpassed beauty – he soon grew more attached and involved in the events. He arranged to be kidnapped for his horses. The relationship that started as kidnapper (Arilyn) and captive (Danilo) soon fostered into true friendship, and later on, true love. It is also in this event that Danilo first met the rogue elf, and future enemy and friend, Elaith Craulnober.

Danilo was initially gifted the shared use of Arilyn's moonblade, but in the events following Silver Shadows – it was taken back by Arilyn, after realizing the gift would also curse Danilo to eternal servitude to the sword.

During the events of Elfsong, Danilo was forced to ally himself with his hated enemy, Elaith Craulnober – in order to answer a deadly riddle by the ancient green dragon, Grimnoshadrano. It is also here, that Danilo met and befriended Morgalla the Mirthful – one of those rare female dwarven bards, and Wyn Ashgrove, a powerful gold elven spellsinger who taught Danilo the sacred art of the Spellsong. The ragtag group, calling themselves Music and Mayhem, was from the very beginning a group with divided loyalties – split between Elaith's quest to reactivate his Moonblade, and Danilo's quest to save Waterdeep. However, in the very end, Elaith and Danilo worked together to finally defeat the deadly enchantment and saved Waterdeep from ruin.


Danilo is foremost married to Arilyn Moonblade, a half-elven granddaughter of Queen Amlaruil of Evermeet. They have adventured together and Danilo has pushed and manipulated Arilyn considerably to reconcile with her elven family and come to terms with her roots.

Danilo's father, Lord Thann, is largely impotent in the family business dealings, and prefers to live quietly off the proceeds that the Lady Cassandra Thann makes. The Lady is a formidable person in any respect, and disapproves of Danilo's various exploits to some degree. She has elven blood, but has never mentioned it, as there is some animosity towards elves in the Waterdhavian nobility. Danilo has five brothers, at least one sister named Judith, as well as a deceased half-sister, Lilly Thann.

Danilo has been named an elf-friend by the rogue Elaith Craulnober, and befriended the drow wizard Liriel Baenre.


Dantrag Baenre[edit]

Dantrag is the amber-eyed former weapons master for House Baenre, fourth son of Yvonnel Baenre. Was considered second son during earlier novels[clarification needed] due to unknown circumstances which was later revealed in the Sellswords trilogy. He wields two enchanted swords, one of them of drow make, one of them named Khazid'hea, forged in the lands above and possessed of its own personality and will. Dantrag also has a pair of bracers that increase the speed of his hands, allowing him to defeat many of his opponents by simply striking so fast that they cannot move fast enough to effectively counter. He is considered second only to Zaknafein, Drizzt Do'Urden's father, and thus longs to defeat Drizzt, Zaknafein's son and protégé, to emerge from under Zak's shadow. In Starless Night, Dantrag challenges Drizzt to single combat in the tunnels above Menzoberranzan. Initially, his superior speed gives him the advantage. Drizzt's superior skills and insight allow him to win even against this disadvantage, by figuring out the weaknesses in Dantrag's seemingly undefeatable fighting style. Drizzt realizes that Dantrag's magical speed is countered by understanding his predictability; moreover, Dantrag lacks a certain level of control, and is unable to improvise in the middle of one of his moves. Eventually Dantrag is defeated and slain by Drizzt, who tells Dantrag that if he was able to defeat him, Zaknafein certainly would have as well. Drizzt takes possession of his bracers and gives Catti-brie the sword, Khazid'hea.


Khazid'hea means "Cutter" in the drow dialect.

Khazid'hea is a finely crafted blade that can cut through flesh, bone, armor, and even rock. The blade itself is sentient, cunning and blood thirsty, and subtly projects "thoughts" into its wielder's head to manipulate their reasoning. When this happens, they may take excessive risks such as going into battle against impossible numbers until either their enemies, or they themselves lay dead. Also, whilst the battle is raging, the blade is capable of masking the wielder's injury-sense so that they will continue fighting to the death. Khazid'hea is always hungry for blood and battle, and it is never sated.

Khazid'hea has one desire: to be held by the greatest warrior. In efforts to do so, it will alter its hilt to appeal to its wielder. In order to become the weapon of Dantrag Baenre, it shaped itself into a demon's head. While attempting to snare Drizzt Do'Urden, it changed its handle into the head of a unicorn (the symbol of Mielikki). When it accepted Catti-brie, Khazid'hea adopted the form of the panther Guenhwyvar, with the symbols of the dwarven gods etched into its side.

During the conflict with Obould, Catti-brie is wounded and is unable to engage in combat. Thus, Khazid'hea ensnares Delly Curtie, Wulfgar's jealous wife. The psychic power of the sword, too great for Delly to control, consumes Delly and soon after leads to her death by a group of orcs. Though Cutter was wielded by several of the pathetic orcs, it eventually found its way into the hands of Drizzt Do'Urden who uses it during his fight with Obould Many-Arrows. He loses the evil blade after it gets stuck in Obould's armor. Khazid'hea is now wielded by Tos'un Armgo after he found it in the armor left behind by Obould Many-Arrows.

This weapon shares some similarities with Michael Moorcock's Stormbringer, another sentient, bloodthirsty, supernaturally sharp sword that could sometimes influence its wielder's actions. Also similar to it is Umbra, a sword in the Elder Scrolls universe which can possess a wielder in similar fashion, and is usually the game's strongest weapon.

Dendar the Night Serpent[edit]

Dendar the Night Serpent is a giant and tyrannical extraplanar serpent that feeds upon the forgotten nightmares of mortals.


The Night Serpent's slit-pupil eyes are the sickly yellow-black of rotten eggs. Her forked tongue flickers incessantly over her smooth lips. Her monstrous fangs are always coated with the viscous essence of lost dreams. She speaks with a sibilant, malignant voice that drips with ancient horrors. Midnight-black scales cover her colossal hide and serve as the physical embodiment of the most terrifying nightmares she has swallowed.


Dendar the Night Serpent came into existence shortly after the first being slept and had a nightmare. She has an uncountable horde of horrible dreams and foul visions in her gullet that she has been devouring since the dawn of time. She relishes the taste of particularly choice nightmares and savors the dreams of kings and deities alike. More horrifying, if she did not feed her insatiable appetite, every being, mortal or deity, would remember every nightmare he or she has ever dreamed in excruciating detail. Supposedly, she will be the harbinger of the end of the world and even the gods themselves.

Although she can slither across the Barrens of Doom and Despair or any of the lower planes at will, the Night Serpent is almost always found in her lair. Dendar lives in a vast cave near the oozing river that surrounds much of the Fugue Plane. The hiss of the Night Serpent's breathing echoes through the plane as she sleeps, contentedly gorged on the world's unremembered nightmares. Anyone who approaches her cave finds her awake and awaiting them with anticipatory delight as she savors and relives their worst unremembered nightmares. Her cavernous maw is large enough to swallow a giant, and her tongue can knock an armored man to the ground with a single flick. Beneath her tongue is a foul mire of greasy spittle and half-devoured bones—the corporeal manifestations of her dream diet's remnants.

Other names[edit]

To the ancient Rus, Dendar was known as Nidhogg, the serpent who gnaws at the roots of the world tree that connects all things (Yggdrasil). In Calimport, she is known (incorrectly) as the Mother of the Night Parade. In the Jungles of Chult, Dendar is known as the Eater of the World. Legends tell of how Ubtao, Creator of Chult, will battle the Night Serpent when she emerges through a gigantic iron door located beneath one of the Peaks of Flame and attempts to eat the sun. If Ubtao fails in his duty, the stories say Dendar will readily devour the sun and the doom of the world will finally arrive.

Dinin Do'Urden[edit]

Dinin is brother of Drizzt Do'Urden, first appearing in R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy, beginning with the first book Homeland, following in the second book Exile, and returning in the Legacy of the Drow series' first book The Legacy.

In House Do'Urden's war against House DeVir in the opening chapters of Homeland, Dinin unwittingly saved his younger brother's life by murdering his older brother Nalfein, thus making Drizzt the Secondboy of House Do'Urden rather than the Thirdboy.

Dinin was also a master of Melee-Magthere until the beginning of the Do'Urden-Hun'ett conflict. When House Do'Urden was destroyed by House Baenre he was spared by Jarlaxle under the conditions that he join the mercenary band Bregan D'aerthe. He was a trusted ally of Jarlaxle until he was turned into a drider by his sister Vierna. In Vierna's raid on Mithral Hall, Dinin (in his drider form) was killed by Bruenor Battlehammer.

Dorn Graybrook[edit]

Dorn Graybrook is featured in the series The Year of Rogue Dragons, and created by author Richard Lee Byers. Dorn is a big person, but most of his left side is made up of metal plates and parts grafted on by the wizard who owned him when he was a boy, and this only contributes to his fiercesome look. He carries a bow and quiver of arrows, and a bastard sword, when he can get one.

When Dorn was six, he and his parents were part of a merchant caravan traveling in the Moonsea region. The party was attacked by a red dragon, which killed both his parents and bit off his left arm and leg plus a goodly piece of the skin around them, and left him to die. The wizard who owned him and his parents transported to the site a few moments later to retrieve his merchandise. Upon finding Dorn, he saved his life by creating the golem parts that make up his left side. Dorn still had to serve the wizard, as well as the years of service his parents owed. As he grew up, the wizard trained him to be a fighter in the arena, and enchanted the golem parts for improved efficiency. After he had become a veteran arena competitor, Dorn found a way to kill the wizard and escape the city. Once he was out on his own, he began working as a mercenary, and looking for jobs that required him to kill dragons, because due to the incident when he was six, he hates dragons more than anything else, and dedicated his life to killing every dragon he could around the Moonsea. In the Year of Rogue Dragons, he has made a number of allies, and they have travelled with him in his eternal quest to kill dragons. All of them work to stop a plot by the insane wizard Sammaster from creating an army of dracoliches and descending upon the world.


The Do'Urden family name is used by a number of characters, particularly Drizzt, in the books of R.A. Salvatore.

House Do'Urden is one of Houses of the Underdark drow city of Menzoberranzan which first appeared in Homeland. House Do'Urden was Tenth House of Menzoberranzan at the start of the series. It was the house of the famous drow Drizzt Do'Urden, who brings the disfavor of the Spider Queen upon his house by committing an act of kindness and sparing a life.[21]

"Do" means "walkers in", and "Urden" means "the darkness". Thus "Do'Urden" means "walkers in the darkness".[citation needed]

At the beginning of the book Homeland (1297 DR), on the day which Drizzt Do'Urden was born, House Do'Urden attacked House DeVir, which was Fourth House of Menzoberranzan at that time. Using the power of the birth of Drizzt Do'Urden, Malice Do'Urden was able to create a spell capable of defeating House DeVir. With this defeat House Do'Urden became Ninth House of Menzoberranzan.

When Drizzt Do'Urden saved the life of Ellifain, an elven child he encountered on a surface raid, House Do'Urden lost the favor of Lolth. House Hun'ett (the Fifth House), which already considered House Do'Urden a threat, prepared to attack. The first part of the battle was supposed to occur with the killing of Drizzt, but he in turn killed Masoj Hun'ett and Gelroos Hun'ett (who was actually Alton DeVir, last survivor of the House DeVir) giving House Do'Urden an edge in the war.

Matron Malice Do'Urden became aware of her son's actions, which had placed the house in disfavor. To regain the favor of Lolth, she sacrificed Zaknafein (Drizzt's father), who volunteered to save his son's life. Drizzt, returned from his battle with Masoj and Gelroos, and discovering what had happened to his father, deserted House Do'Urden and left Menzoberranzan. House Hun'ett lost two of its wizards and the favor of Lolth for failing to kill Drizzt, and House Do'Urden lost the favor of Lolth due to Drizzt's desertion.

Ten years passed with small sneak attacks between House Do'Urden and House Hun'ett, because neither of the houses had regained Lolth's favor. Also both were severely weakened by various losses. House Do'Urden lost its principle weapon masters and House Hun'ett lost its two most powerful mages. In Exile (1338 DR), when finally House Hun'ett launched an attack to House Do'Urden with the help of Bregan D'aerthe, Malice Do'Urden turned the tide of the battle by making a better offer to Jarlaxle. House Do'Urden became Eighth House of Menzoberranzan and made its way to ruling council. But they had lost a lot of soldiers and had yet to regain Lolth's favor. SiNafay Hun'ett became a member of House Do'Urden to offer the house additional power. (under the name Shi'nayne Do'Urden).

To regain Lolth's favor, House Do'Urden needed to kill Drizzt. After Briza and Dinin failed, Matron Malice took her biggest risk and desired Zin-carla to hunt Drizzt down. Giving SiNafay as a sacrifice, Zaknafein's was risen as Zin-carla which is also known as a spirit-wraith. This removed Malice's disfavor in the eyes of Lolth, however, it did not regain Malice favor. When Zaknafein regained his senses for a little time he jumped into an acid pit, destroying himself and causing the failure of Zin-carla. This caused House Do'Urden to lose Lolth's favor forever, as Matron Malice had failed in her distinct orders to kill Drizzt. Briza took the lead by killing her mother but House Baenre, under orders by Lolth, attacked House Do'Urden, killing most of its members. Vierna and Dinin survived this attack and joined Bregan D'aerthe in order to survive.

In The Legacy (1357 DR), Vierna tried to rebuild House Do'Urden by attempting to kill Drizzt. She had Lolth's favor and got help from Bregan D'aerthe. She turned Dinin into a drider. During their attack on Mithral Hall, Bruenor killed Dinin in his drider form, and Drizzt killed Vierna, making Drizzt the last known Do'Urden.


Dragonbait (also referred to as Champion) is a finhead saurial paladin most likely in the service of Tyr. He first appears in Azure Bonds by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb. Dragonbait is a non-player character (NPC) in the 5th edition adventure Tomb of Annihilation published in September 2017.


Dragonbait stands roughly five feet in height, not counting the troglodyte-like head fin, though that is only in consequence to his posture, being canted forward at the hips, and balanced by a tail near long as his torso. His mouth is thinner and more rounded than the lizard-men of Faerûn, lipless to show sharp teeth to the fore and rounded molars to the rear. His scales are small and smooth, like beadwork. On his chest was a ring of symbols identical to those originally sported by Alias on her arm, which resolved themselves into a ring of blue ivy at the end of the events of Azure Bonds.


Dragonbait received his current name the night he assisted Alias in disposing of some thugs in the service of her creators. Alias warned him that if he made a single false move, he'd be dragon bait. He immediately took it as his name, and is only referred to as Champion by Grypht (and presumably, therefore, other saurials).

Dragonbait's near refutal of his previous name may have originated in the circumstances that brought him into the power of the creators of Alias.

He had served Tyr single-mindedly, and had fallen in love with another saurial, who served Lady Luck (likely Tymora, or possibly her other incarnation of Tyche). Believing that Luck's fickle nature was in violation of the rigorous justice of Tyr, he demanded that his love leave her goddess' service and come to serve his god. The argument ended with no resolution, and apparently fearing his love for her would eventually taint his pure service to his god, he left for Tarterus to serve his god.

There, he was captured by the fiend Phalse to be used for a dark purpose. While imprisoned, he had a vision, or perhaps only a dream, in which he was visited by Lady Luck. He was told that she would rather not see him ever again, but that her aid had been asked by the god of justice to save his servant. Wishing to live and not offend his god who had intervened on his behalf, he accepted the task she charged him with: to fulfill the service laid on him by the human sent to him.

Freed from his imprisonment by the Nameless Bard, Dragonbait became Alias' companion. He lives always to serve Tyr, but now he also pays homage to all other gods who can further the cause of justice.

As he can not speak human tongues, after aiding Alias in destroying her evil creators, she taught him the thieves' hand cant, a fact that thoroughly irritated Olive when she learned of it. In the third book, Alias used the finder's stone to cast a permanent tongues spell on herself, enabling her to speak Dragonbait's own tongue, which is a combination of clicks and whistles pitched outside normal human hearing, and scents (see list below).

Dragonbait frequently refers to Alias as his sister, something that has been borne out as being true from the gods' point of view when Alias becomes a soul singer, a saurial gift that apparently follows genealogical lines.

Following the events of Song of the Saurials Dragonbait and Alias apparently settled in the Lost Vale with the displaced saurials to aid them in their new settlement. A short time later, however, they are adventuring again.

Known Scents and Their Meanings[edit]

  • Earth = Frustration
  • Woodsmoke = Healing Power
  • Roses = Mourning/Sadness
  • Violets = Fear
  • Fresh Baked Bread = Anger
  • Lemons = Joy
  • Tar = Triumph/Victory
  • Garlic = Determination
  • Brimstone = Confusion
  • Chicken Soup = Impatience
  • Ham = Worry
  • Basil = Privacy
  • Honeysuckle = Tenderness
  • Mint = Remorse
  • Fresh Mown Hay = Arcane Spells
  • Cinnamon = Love
  • Vanilla = Shen Sight
  • Fish = Insulted


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