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Location of Szigetköz (in red) within geographical subdivisions of Hungary
Wet meadow in Szigetköz

The Szigetköz (German: Kleine Schüttinsel or Little Schütt Island, Slovak: Malý Žitný ostrov or Little Rye Island) is an island plain in Western Hungary, part of the Little Hungarian Plain. The name literally means island alley, because the territory is located on an island. Its borders are the Danube and its branches; with a length of 52.5 kilometres (32.6 miles), with an average width of 6 to 8 kilometres (4–5 miles), and with a territory of 375 square kilometres (145 square miles), the island is Hungary's largest one. The territory's elevation varies between 110 and 125 metres (361 and 410 feet) above sea level.

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Coordinates: 47°51′N 17°27′E / 47.85°N 17.45°E / 47.85; 17.45